Attack on Titan: Top 10 Creepiest Characters

“Attack on Titan” is not a story in which the characters can afford to be sweet, kind and forgiving. Every good person here has a tough core inside that helps him survive in their difficult world.

And yet, the personality and actions of some characters really scare the viewer. Well, let’s take a look at these creepy heroes and find out who made it into the top scariest Attack on Titan characters. Each of these heroes has their own reasons to be cruel or intimidating, because the world of Attack on Titan brooks no weakness. And yet, some of them clearly crossed the line, but that did not make them less attractive. The main thing is to understand that in real life some of these people would be worth staying away from.

10. Keith Shadis

We meet Keith Shadis at the very beginning of the Attack on Titan path, and even then this man becomes very uncomfortable. The scene in which Shadis makes fun of Sasha and Connie in front of the entire regiment makes you hate him as quickly as possible. And although in the end the man turned out to be not such a bad person, the first impression of him as a cruel mentor did not go anywhere.

9. Floch Forster

Floch is the guy from whom no one expected a dirty trick. He was the sole survivor of Erwin Smith’s suicide mission, and apparently it left a mark on him. After the timeskip, we are introduced to Floch as the brutal leader of the Jaegerists, who is willing to kill both innocent civilians and former comrades in order to achieve his goal. What can we hide, sometimes his flask whistled in general.

8. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa impressed her opponents not only with great physical strength, but also with an icy gaze that pierced even seasoned warriors. To protect what she believes in and holds dear, this girl will calmly turn into a killing machine. And although Mikasa does not use her power to harm, this does not negate the fact that many heroes of the story lived in horror before her wrath.

7. Talking Titan

The scene of the appearance of the Talking Titan is truly creepy. The feeling of hopelessness from the fate of Ilse Langner, who was ambushed, was reinforced by the shocking ability of this titan to speak. At the moment, the true story of Paradise and the Eldians is still unknown to the viewer, so a lot of horrifying assumptions were born in my head. Oh, then we still did not know how everything would turn out.

6. Kenny Ackerman

Like all Ackermans, Kenny impresses with his killer skills. Physical strength and skillful possession of many types of weapons, of course, inspired fear, but it was the personality of this hero that was truly creepy. He is cruel, stubborn and incapable of kindness and compassion, and his upbringing by Levi can hardly be called adequate by anyone.

5. Annie Leonhart

Annie’s true identity is a mystery to the viewer. At the beginning of the story, she acted as a cold and cruel girl, but Mikasa seemed the same to us. Annie committed her real sins as a Female: she caused the death of a huge number of scouts, civilians, including the Levi squad. At the same time, we have never seen her regret on this score, only a glimpse of reasoning.

4. Eren Yeager

Already in the first season, Eren at times frightened with his emotional speeches about the destruction of all the titans, not only the people around him, but also the audience. Although, what else to say about a boy who committed his first murder at the age of 9? However, after the timeskip, Eren moved to some completely different level of evil: he betrayed his former comrades, manipulated friends, and, most terrible, staged a genocide.

3. Zeke Yeager

Zeke Yeager is not much nicer than his own brother. In order to achieve his goals, he did not just go for manipulation: he provided a ticket to the next world for his own parents. He perceived everything that happened on Paradise as a game and enjoyed the massacres of both defenseless people and soldiers. His plan, of course, was a little more humane than Eren’s plan, but all his early actions are much worse than his brother’s sins.

2. Levi Ackerman

Levi inspires awe in both his allies and opponents. It is even difficult to imagine what this man experienced: there was very little happiness in his fate. A poor youth, an even more cruel vocation and the constant loss of loved ones – and at the same time, Levi did not break down and continued to instill fear in his enemies. Not even Levi’s abilities themselves are terrifying, but his fortitude, which nothing can break.

1. Karl Fritz

In fact, this is the person whose fault it all started. Charles was a bloody ruler, expanding his possessions at the expense of human lives. He tortured, executed and made slaves of his subjects. Under his pressure, Ymir destroyed the armies of opponents and bore him children from under the stick. Karl was absolutely not imbued with the girl’s sacrifice, but ordered his daughters to eat their mother. There was nothing human in Karl Fritz, and the consequences of his decisions were felt even after 2000 years.