Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Today I will make a brief review of the selfish vampire Ayato Sakamaki from the anime, manga and game “Diabolik Lovers”. I will tell you the main character traits, important moments of the past and about other well-known but interesting facts.

Let’s start, perhaps, with an acquaintance with the key character, namely, we will reveal his character. By nature, Ayato is cruel, arrogant and selfish possessive. In addition to these qualities, he is a sadist and enjoys watching others suffer, which confirms the presence of a tortured iron maiden in his room.
In his behavior, Ayato Sakamaki is like a spoiled child who does not like to lose to others even in the most petty dispute. So, for example, he often quarrels and argues with the main character Yui. When he wins, he starts boasting, but when he loses, he behaves even more arrogantly, although in fact it hurts and embarrasses him.

Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

Such character traits began to emerge from a problematic childhood. Let’s start with the fact that in the game, manga and anime, Ayato’s relationship with his mother Cordelia was not very successful. Cordelia, the daughter of the Demon King and the wife of the Vampire King, referred to Ayato not as a child, but as someone who should surpass all brothers. That is why the mother always motivated her son to study a lot and not be inferior to other children in anything. But when she didn’t like something, she took out all her anger and disappointment on Ayato in a rather cruel way.

Ayato obeyed Cordelia and tried to live up to her expectations, thereby seeking love and attention. But after another abuse from his mother, he finally realizes that he will never get what he wants, because Cordelia thought only of Ayato’s father and his confession.

Overwhelmed with rage and the realization that he will never get what he wants, he takes the life of his own mother, having drunk all her blood. The father, having learned about the incident, is surprised at the cruelty of his son and punishes him. In the game, Ayato finds a meeting between Cordelia and Karlheinets. During their conversation, he realizes that his mother is an unfortunate woman who desperately sought to gain the love of an insensitive husband through her son’s success.

Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

In addition to Ayata, Cordelia had two more sons: Laito and Kanato. Ayato is considered the eldest among the triplets, as he was conceived first, although he was born last. From childhood, the three boys got along well and also spent a lot of time playing and having fun. This was well shown in one scene where they are all catching a bat together.

And although Ayato had a positive attitude towards his brothers, but over time everything changed. The main reason for the deterioration of relations was Cordelia’s different attitude towards her children. Although the difference was small, each of the triplets did not receive maternal love, but rather was brought up in a sick and perverted environment. In addition, Ayato is a terrible owner who can be jealous of a loved one even for the starry sky and endless flower fields. And in the brothers he sees those who can take away his beloved sacrificial bride Yui from him.

Ayato Sakamaki (Diabolik Lovers)

At the very beginning of the anime, we see Ayato Sakamaki as a ruthless and cruel vampire who is able to drink Yui’s blood without her permission and to the point of losing her consciousness. In addition, he constantly called her a “punt” and humiliated, raped and insulted her in every possible way. But over time, tender feelings for the bride began to emerge in him, thanks to which he became more like a man, and not a monster.

In addition to the basic qualities and abilities of a vampire, Sakamaki has a talent for various sports, which he is proud of. In addition, our arrogant vampire is very boastful and loves to eat takoyaki, as well as sucking blood from Yui.

Summing up, we learned from a brief biography of the anime character about the past of Ayato Sakamaki, about his character and relationships with others. This concludes my brief retelling of a character from the anime, manga, and Diabolik Lovers game.