Best 8 Anime Space Travel

Sometimes you want to see some such stories that in reality, well, it’s simply impossible to imagine. From the unknown, which most people, alas, will never see with their own eyes up close, is space, stars and planets. At least for the next hundred years, this will be unrealistic for ordinary residents.

To escape from the hustle and bustle of the earth and be transported as if into another dimension, we offer you to watch any of the proposed space anime, which will definitely help you get distracted and forget about all the pressing problems.

Vandread (2000)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

Animated embodiment of the principle “men are from Mars, women are from Venus”. The two sexes live on different planets and never intersect, considering each other to be sworn enemies. Only now one very curious boy jumps on the girls’ combat starship and is captured by them.

Further – steeper: the ship goes off course, and they are all in great danger. Now is the time to find out if women and men can work together? Very cosmic, a lot of beautiful girls and a little humor.

Uchuu Senkan Yamato 2199 (2012)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

According to the plot, the year 2199, humanity is on the verge of extinction. The alien race destroyed all living conditions for people, and the survivors had to go underground in the hope of surviving. Alas, very soon they realize that radiation is also dangerous for their lives and they will not last more than a year.
Then a brave team of 999 people is going to go on a space journey on a space battleship in search of a special device that can still save the Earth. But will they make it?

Legend of the Galactic Heroes (1988)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

The story is simple: two great empires have long been fighting against each other in an interstellar war. Mankind has long settled in the Galaxy and is mired in a war that seems to be unstoppable.

After a while, young and ambitious officers stand at the head of each enemy, who are finally ready to change the world and, perhaps, even put an end to the space war?

Planetes (2003)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

Here comes the future! In 2075, going to the moon and returning home is like ordering a taxi for your girlfriend’s wedding. Only now, the issue of waste disposal is most acute. After all, garbage filled not only the Earth, but also space.

This is a story about a girl from the space debris clearing department who works for the benefit of all people.

The Girl Who Leapt Through Space (2009)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

So people left the Earth, moving to space colonies. Somehow, one wonderful day, the main character is informed that very soon she will have to get married and she has no choice. Well, then she could not stand it, sat on the space ship and went wherever her eyes looked.

So she ended up in another colony, which is controlled by an evil artificial intelligence. The girl decides to stay to help and unites with new friends, hoping to defeat the enemy.

Space Brothers (2012)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

The story, as you already understood, is about two brothers who, as children, saw something like a UFO and made promises to each other that they would conquer space and meet on another planet. Time has passed: the youngest became the first Japanese to set foot on the moon, and the oldest became a car designer whose life is gradually going downhill.

Then he remembered the old promise and decided that since he had nothing to lose, he would try to fulfill his old dream. So he decides to take a chance and try to take part in the Martian program. Who knows, maybe the two brothers will still meet somewhere in the vastness of space.

Space Dandy (2014)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

You know, there are such pretentious, a little slow, in some places narrow-minded and too stylish guys, from whom they roll their eyes and do not want to roll back? This is exactly the main character Dandy wins the hearts of all the girls (something like that) and catches the strangest alien creatures.

Only now, his company is not very capable, and he himself clearly pays more attention to his Wishlist than to his mission. But you still have to pay the bills, Dandy! There is a lot of space, jokes and in some places it may even seem pointless. Tip: Watch until the very end.

Astra Lost in Space (2019)

Best 8 Anime Space Travel

In 2061, going to space camp on another planet is now as easy as going to the suburbs. It was there that a group of schoolchildren was heading until they had an accident. Luckily, everyone is alive and even found an old ship they can take home on.

Only here is the problem. Young heroes are not yet so professionals in flying and survival, which means that they will all have to learn together on the go. Teenagers will learn a lot about themselves, as well as bond like never before.