Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Naruto is a popular shonen anime that has a lot of mixed emotions. Sometimes everything is so dramatic and sad that then you have to go for napkins and think about why you were not born a brave shinobi.

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

On the other hand, it is full of funny moments that are so comical that even the most indifferent anime critic will laugh. Something, but there is no shortage of funny situations! Here are 10 funny moments that will make all current and future Naruto fans smile.

Legend from the Hidden Leaf: Onbaa!

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

One day, a baby Onbaa fell out of the clutches of a bird and landed on Naruto’s back. It turned out that until the baby grows up, he will not be able to unhook from his mother. And through the fault of the imprudent hawk, Naruto became this new mother.

The kid was constantly with him and caused a lot of problems. From such a surprise, Hinata fainted several times, and Sakura not weakly slapped Naruto out of sheer misunderstanding. After a long journey, the cub did grow up and freed Naruto from an unforeseen parental experience. True, when he returned to the village, he found out that now almost all the inhabitants have such a pet.

As in many filler series, the events in this episode do not add movement to the plot, but complement the anime with various interesting situations that can be revisited when you miss the characters.

Territory of wild animals

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Another fun filler episode. An ostrich named Condor told several ostriches a story about how ninjas prevented him from enjoying freedom. According to the ostrich, he managed to escape from the village and independently learn ninjutsu for his own protection. Tsunade then tasked Naruto and company to take the ostrich back from the wildlife sanctuary.

In the end, it turned out that Naruto and the other shinobi flew in much more than they expected. Lee and Shino fought against a boxing kangaroo and an anteater, while Kotetsu got kicked in the ass by Condor and almost saw the light at the end of the tunnel. This is how we learned about a group of animal ninjas not to be underestimated.

Life-giving curry

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Finding Rock Lee unconscious from a kill attack, several other ninja gave him some curry to revive him. After Lee ate everything, he started acting very strange throughout the episode.

What explains Lee’s behavior? In fact, it’s all about the bottle of wine that was knocked over in the curry! And as we know, Lee and alcohol make a killer combination! Despite being drunk, he tried to continue fighting Raiga. And then we saw in all its glory the legendary Drunken Fist technique, which is as destructive as it is ridiculous.

Another competition between Gai and Kakashi

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

As Kakashi contemplated his future as Hokage, his lifelong friend and rival Gai challenged him once again, which Kakashi happily accepted.

In the end, Kakashi won, and the duel brought a lot of joy not only to them, but to all the villagers who watched the game of two jōnin. At the end, Guy congratulated his friend on becoming Hokage and gave him a bouquet of flowers, while Kakashi sincerely thanked him for his support. Such moments were rarely seen in anime, and therefore so well remembered by the fans.

Shino’s Laugh

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

You rarely see that, right? Naruto, along with the usually stoic Shino, went on a mission to another village. There, they helped a herbalist inherit his dead father’s money before a cunning sister took over.

This episode is famous among Naruto fans for one thing – Shino’s infectious laugh that no one has ever heard before. At dinner, the guys realized that they had been injected with poison, which causes bouts of uncontrollable laughter. Before watching this episode, think carefully if you are ready to see Shino laughing for real.

Boiling pot! Mix, stir and boil

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Teuchi’s daughter Ayame has been kidnapped by a group of cooking ninja and the only way to get her back is to create a new kind of ramen. Teuchi assigned Naruto, Sasuke, and Chōji to help him come up with the recipe, and it’s insanely funny to watch.

It was then that all the fans found out how much of a skilled ramen critic Chōji really is! And the cunning Naruto thought of using Sakura’s anger to improve the noodles for a new recipe. A true collab of owner Ichiraku Ramen and his dedicated ninja fans.

Naruto vs Meka-Naruto

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Orochimaru, one of the most intelligent villains in this anime, created a robot copy of Naruto called Mecha-Naruto in order to gain complete power over the nine-tails. As always, everything does not go according to plan: after a lightning strike, the robot comes to life and sets up a new commotion in the shinobi world.

A real battle began between the Naruto team and Mecha-Naruto, in which all the techniques and weapons were used (even lasers and missiles!). I still can’t believe how out of control everything is! After all, looking at one Naruto is already ridiculous, to say nothing of two.

Path of the Ninja: Prologue

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

Naruto spent his weekend at home in splendid isolation, playing cards with his shadow clones and thinking about how bored he was. Then Lee invited him and their friends to a public bath to unwind a bit.

Of course, in the bath began complete chaos. Akamaru made his way inside the bathhouse, although animals are not allowed there, Kiba and Chouji were lying in a soapy mess, and Lee fell into the women’s locker room, where the girls, to put it mildly, did not remain indifferent and dealt harshly with the cunning antics of the guys.

Kakashi’s real face

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

A mystery shrouded in darkness and an eternal turtleneck mask. Kakashi’s real face was one of the most intriguing themes in the Naruto anime. The question was so exciting that there is even an entire episode dedicated only to Team 7’s attempts to unmask it!

Perhaps the funniest moment in the episode is when Naruto hints that Kakashi has either thick toad lips or huge crooked teeth. Through these fantasies, fans saw the funny reaction of Sasuke, who couldn’t stop imagining these images every time he looked at Kakashi.

Team 7 – who will come running first

Top 10 Funniest Naruto Moments

In this filler-filled flashback episode, Team 7 went on a mission to retrieve a stolen statue from a gang of thieves. During the mission, Sakura was kidnapped by robbers, and Naruto and Sasuke went to save her (who would doubt it!).

But there was one big problem: they realized that their hands were completely stuck together. Naruto and Sasuke tried their best to clear up this misunderstanding, which ended up with a bunch of ridiculously funny moments. Including an accidental kiss, which for a long time remained in the memory of the fans.