Levi and Mikasa are brother and sister?

One of the most discussed topics in the Attack on Titan manga and anime is Levi and Mikasa brother and sister? Or whether they are cousins, or relatives in some way. We already knew from the beginning that Mikasa was Ackerman, but it wasn’t until a few episodes ago that we were able to find out that Captain Levi is actually Ackerman.

Are Levi and Mikasa really brother and sister?

Levi and Mikasa are brother and sister?

Unfortunately, up to this point in the manga (we went through chapter 108 of the manga), no specific answer is given about the relationship between the two characters. It is not precisely stated that they are brother and sister, although this is unlikely.

We know from Levi Ackerman’s story that as far as mom is concerned, she has nothing to do with Mikasa. She had Asian features, being Levi’s mother, Kuchel Ackerman, is completely different, adding to that she was Ackerman. Mikasa’s mom – no, actually getting a surname from her father.

As for the father, it is not known who Levi’s father really is, but from what little we’ve seen of Mikasa’s father, many doubt that he was with another woman, as that would already be highly contrived.

So Levi and Mikasa are cousins?

Levi and Mikasa are brother and sister?

We cannot answer this question with complete certainty, coming from the same family (or clan, if you give it a name) that inhabited the walls. It would be unsurprising if they were cousins, but very, very distant, with a degree of relationship that is indeed greatly diminished.

To say that they are not a family, considering that they belong to the same lineage, is unlikely. Some argue that they are not native due to Asian traits that Mikasa has and that Levi does not. Some call him a false Ackerman, which is incorrect, since Mikasa gets her Ackerman side from her father, and the facial features belong to her mother, one of the few Asian survivors by that time.

In fact, the trait of Ackerman that stands out the most is his wild and deadly way of fighting, which both characters do very well, as does Kenny, Levi’s uncle.

Persecution of the Ackerman family

Levi and Mikasa are brother and sister?

Unfortunately, there are not many Ackermans left alive today. After Kenny’s death, the only ones we know of alive are Levi and Mikasa. All this because the Ackermans were a group of warriors who remained very close to the royal family until they agreed with the ideology. first king. What ended up causing a terrible persecution against them, causing them to flee to the mountains (Mikasa family) and the underground city (Levi family), it was said that the persecution caused the Ackermans to disappear.