15 Anime Facts You Might Not Know

We feel like we already know everything about anime. We know the approximate behavior of most of the characters, popular genres, awards, and so on.

However, today I suggest you go through the list of facts that you may well not know.

Let’s start, shall we?

15 Anime Facts You Might Not Know

No. 1. The words “Baka” and “Aho” are the most common slurs in anime. They are mainly used to emphasize how stupid, uninteresting and just annoying the interlocutor is.

No. 2. Perhaps one of the longest fights (if not the longest) can be called Goku’s fight against Frieza (Dragon Ball Z), which lasted for 19 episodes = 3.5 hours of running time.

No. 3. Do you know “anime god”? This is Osamu Tezuka, who was born in 1928 and created more than 500 manga in his life (Among them are such famous ones as: “Dororo”, “Black Jack”, etc.)

15 Anime Facts You Might Not Know

No. 4. Death Note is banned in China. There are several reasons for this ban, ranging from the topic of death to the fact that students who watched anime began to write the names of “victims” in their notebooks, mostly teachers.

No. 5. It’s not uncommon for anime artists to turn to animals, most commonly lions, when they need to draw an angry/furious character.

No. 6. Pizza Hut was the sponsor of the Code Geass anime. For this reason, it’s not surprising that in the anime itself, everyone loves pizza and refers to it often.

No. 7. In Japan, if you try to call Yato’s (Noragami) number, you can hear him talking to customers.

No. 8. Eucliwood Hellsight from the anime “Is this a zombie” voiced as many as 22 seiyu throughout the anime (each series is a separate seiyu).

No. 9. The world has come to the point where in some schools in Japan “anime” can be studied as a school subject.

No. 10. The author of “Durarara!!” accidentally came up with a name for his creation after he heard someone turn the pages of the book. That is, formally the name “Durarara!!” means nothing.

15 Anime Facts You Might Not Know

No. 11. Kaguya-hime no Monogatari boasts of costing over $49.3 million to make.

No. 12. Mangaka “Sailor Moon” is married to mangaka “Hunter x Hunter”. Incredibly cute and pleasant fact.

No. 13. The author of the anime “Bleach” took this name for his work thanks to the rock band Nirvana and their 1989 album Bleach.

No. 14. Most of the fans voted Armin’s scream from “Attack on Titan” as the best ringtone for your phone.

No. 15. The creators of Naruto wrote about a boy who wanted to become a ramen chef. But in the end, the story became about the hokage, where the scenes of Naruto’s love for ramen were preserved.