3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

For many years, something sad and incomprehensible happened to musical anime. We were churned out cute idol stories or tear-squeezing dramas, and funny and interesting stuff was the exception rather than the rule. However, the past year has changed the attitude towards the genre for many people.

The animators released several amazing anime at once, which not only went beyond the established patterns of the same type, they also turned out to be damn high quality, and today I want to tell you about the best of them. Therefore, I propose to move on to the list, where I will tell you why this or that work is unique.

Phantom of the Idol

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

And we’ll start today with a hilarious comedy that showed that even classic idol stories can come with a twist. The plot here introduces you to a rather gloomy and gloomy type of Yuya Niyodo, who got into the idol industry because of his appearance and promises that he could get money for nothing. But to his disappointment, for the sake of a salary, he had to work a lot.

All this pretty tired the guy, and he even wanted to quit the stage, but he met the ghost of the legendary idol girl, who was offended by his attitude to the profession and dreamed of going on stage at least once again. Well, where higher powers do not help, a banal obsession will always help, especially since the infusion into the body of Niyoda was beneficial to both guys.

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

And if we talk specifically about music, then here it is difficult for the work to boast of something, but it feels great as a comedy. Niyoda’s obsession created a very hilarious contrast, and his attitude to the profession was so out of the usual patterns that it gave rise to many comedic situations. But the main feature lies precisely in the fans.

In this anime, the fans are not just extras, they are full-fledged key characters, and moreover, the best part of the work. Listening to their unjustified enthusiasm, watching what they go to for a ticket, how they will hysteria when meeting an idol was not just fun or funny, it was sparklingly funny. And I was more happy about their appearance than anything else, and therefore it was because of the fans that I got a confident third place.

Paripi Koumei

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

But in second place we have a work that makes you fall in love with itself, including music. The story itself revolves around the talented young singer Eiko Tsukimi, who did not know how to get on the big stage, but a miracle happened to her happiness.

From the distant centuries of the past, the legendary Chinese commander Kunming was transported to our time, who was so imbued with the girl’s music that, in gratitude for her help, he wanted to help her achieve recognition.

And to be honest, the idea of advancing modern business through the strategic tricks of a brilliant tactician is itself worthy of considerable praise. For thanks to this, the anime received not only an interesting plot, but also a cultural historical value, as it introduces the viewer to a real person and her exploits of the past. But all this pales before the main advantage.

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

Music. We were given a huge number of genres here, from acoustic to rap, from rock to electronic, and surprisingly, literally every tune was good. Hell, this is the first musical anime I’ve ever seen where I can praise ALL of the music (including the lyrics, so look with their translations) and the variety of music is just a plus, allowing different audiences to be hooked. But even this plus has a second bottom.

This anime shows how insane in its thorny path of any creator. It demonstrates what the burning fire of inspiration and the thirst for self-expression in any of the available ways is, and how hard it is when, burning with creative impulses, you lose faith in yourself, or force yourself to break. And all this is not to mention when you just can not stand the attention of the audience.

Party Man Kunming is completely saturated with love for music as an art, this is a very contagious anime, but believe me, no matter how I describe it, this will not be enough. He must be seen.

Bocchi the Rock!

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

For the sake of this, Hitori studied guitar for several years, became an ace in it, promoted her anonymous YouTube channel, but she never spoke to her classmates. However, there is still room for miracles in the world. By a lucky coincidence, she was invited to perform in the group to replace the runaway guitarist, and unable to refuse, she decided to help. And here the most interesting began.

Firstly, I want to say a big thank you to the authors for the music. Yes, many of the songs are typical Japanese rock, sweet, light and fun, but everything about the guitar playing is top notch. Each solo will warm the soul of rock lovers who are desperate that the animators will remember them, and in general, I personally just enjoyed all the tracks.

3 Best Musical Anime Of 2022

But the main feature of the work still lies in the characters. There are so many weirdos per frame that you can laugh at this anime without stopping. Hitori’s social phobia is conveyed through sparkling and original humor, and the anime simply has an innumerable number of easter eggs for other works.

It all adds up to a comedic masterpiece with really good music. Well, what do you think about all these anime – write in the comments.