Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

Watch the anime “Kuroko no Basuke”? Then you probably have your favorite characters. One of the most charismatic and mysterious characters is Akashi Seijuro. How did Akashi appear in the anime, what are his abilities and what are his specialties? Interesting facts about the character are revealed in the article.

Akashi Seijuro: first appearance, character’s story Initially

Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

In the anime, the hero appeared only sporadically in the last episode of the first season. The creators hid the face of the character, but the audience felt his strong charisma and self-confidence. Further, Akashi Seijuro finally revealed himself during the beginning of the “Winter Cup” and became one of the main characters. Initially, the guy was the captain of the Generation of Miracles, and in high school he moved to the Rakuzan team.

Akashi is the heir to a wealthy family. After the death of his mother, his father became very strict, so all the guy’s free time was spent studying. After graduating from elementary school, Akashi transferred to Teiko Middle School. In the same place, Seijuro immediately joins the basketball team, where he soon becomes the captain.

Thanks to the abilities of the character, the team won one victory after another. They ended up winning the National Games three years in a row. When the guys graduated from high school, their team was disbanded. What makes Akashi Seijuro stand out? The growth and personal qualities of the hero are of interest to fans. Interestingly, Akashi is the shortest player on the team, his height is 173 cm. But this did not prevent the character from taking leadership positions. The red-haired Seijuro wears a short spiky haircut. The hero’s eyes are of different colors: red and yellow, and the pupils are constricted.

The ingenious abilities of Akashi Seijuro, whose zodiac sign is Sagittarius, made it possible to control the equally talented players of the Generation of Miracles. Feeling the power of rivalry, the hero had a split personality, and additional qualities woke up. He became merciless in the game, arrogant and confident in his own invincibility. The character’s alter ego is kind and respectful of others. These qualities are less common, which is why Akashi acts as the main antagonist in the manga and anime.

Akashi Seijuro: Abilities

Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

Anime “Kuroko’s Basketball”, whose characters have incredible abilities, shows the viewer a gambling and exciting game. Akashi Seijuro is a master of the ball and plays it wonderfully. In addition, the character is an excellent strategist and is able to calculate the course of the game in advance. Having awakened a second personality in himself by an effort of will, Akashi has at his disposal two abilities at once, while other characters have one each.

One of the features of Akashi Seijuro is the Eye of the Emperor, which allows him to predict the actions of his opponent. After revealing the talent, the hero’s eyes lit up with a yellow light. This ability works in several ways:

  • Wide field of view. Seijuro sees the location of the players even through the defense of opponents. Therefore, he easily bypasses the blocks and gets to the goal.
  • Destroying the threat of the enemy.
    The ability allows you to determine the vulnerable point at the moment when the opponent decides what to do with the ball. Adding to this high-speed movement, Akashi Seijuro does not allow the opponent to make a choice and instantly intercepts the ball.
  • Undercuts. Due to the fact that Akash’s Eye of the Emperor sees the upcoming events, he notices the moment when the opponent is most weakened and upsets his balance. As a result, he falls to the ground.

Akashi Seijuro’s other superpower is Zone. Entering the Zone, Akashi reaches his maximum potential, increasing his concentration. By combining this quality with the Emperor’s Eye, Seijuro becomes invincible.

Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

And what about the relationship of the hero with other students? Here’s who he got closest to:

  • Akashi Seijuro and Kuroko Tetsuya. Akashi was the first to recognize Kuroko’s redirection ability. He helped the player develop it as part of the team, after which they developed a friendly relationship.
  • Akashi Seijuro and Shintaro Midorima. When Akashi was the captain, Shintaro served as the vice-captain. The guys often crossed paths and Midorima was the first to notice the presence of unusual abilities in Seijuro.
  • Akashi Seijuro and Atsushi Murasakibara. Atsushi informed the captain that he did not intend to attend training, as he already considered himself a high-level player. Akashi then offered Murasakibara a one-on-one game, which resulted in him winning. The latter recognized the authority of the captain and began to listen to his opinion.
  • Akashi Seijuro and Taiga Kagami. Acquaintance began with frank rivalry. Seijuro recognized Kagami’s talent, but refused to look him up in the eyes.

Do you like Kuroko’s Basketball anime? Akashi is the central character and also the subject of fan writing. Akashi Seijuro, whose fanfiction filled the web, also lives off the screen and manga pages. Fans of the character create fictional works starring a Japanese hero. And we will reveal interesting facts about Akash.

Akashi Seijuro: quotes and facts

Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

Here is what is known about the character:

  • Akashi doesn’t know how to joke well.
  • The hero’s favorite pastime is playing Shogi.
  • Seijuro is an excellent rider.
  • He has a horse, Yukimaru, who he trains with on the weekends.
  • Akashi loves tofu soup and doesn’t like seaweed.
  • In Rakuzan, Seijuro is friends with Reo Mibuchi.
  • Dogs do not obey the hero, so he does not like them.
  • Akashi Seijuro considers himself determined and invincible.
  • The guy loves all subjects and studies well.
  • Akashi is impressed by girls who have self-respect.
  • It was planned that Seijuro and Kuroko would be brothers. But soon everything changed, although the guys have similar hairstyles.

And here are Akashi Seijuro’s famous quotes:

Akashi Seijuro: First appearance, Facts, Quotes

  • I must win! No matter who my opponent is… No matter what happens… After all, the only thing that matters in this world is victory. The winners go down in history. The losers are erased from it.
  • I lost… For the first time in my life since I was born. So that’s what defeat is… How excruciating… I feel an inexplicable pain in my chest. I don’t even know if I can keep my composure until the formation. But… because of that, I think I’m happy to play basketball.
  • You dare to challenge me, so just making you sit is not enough. On knees!
  • I cannot ignore your words, Murasakibara. The captain doesn’t have to be the strongest player on the team, but it’s different when you talk to me about it so openly. If you want to see my power, I will show it to you. Don’t you dare underestimate me.
  • Only those who serve me are allowed to look me in the eyes when I speak. None of my opponents are allowed to look down on me. Know your place.
  • I didn’t change to make the team stronger. This team has changed to make us stronger. The abilities that have been dormant in us all this time are finally beginning to manifest. The only ones who can stop us are ourselves. That is why we must become opponents for each other. And it will only get worse if we are forced to play together. In the worst case, we would have to disband the team.
  • Our sin will never disappear. I thought losing was also an option. But… After all, this is not an option.
  • I am absolute. If I can see the future in all its aspects, it is not so difficult to change it.
  • We must not stop until we have removed all the obstacles in front of us. Only in this way can we prove our strength.
  • And now, having seen my magnificent form, you must understand that your defeat is inevitable.

Akashi Seijuro, whose art objects are popular, proved his leadership and infallibility in the game. A born captain showed his ability to 100%. One of the main characters of Kuroko’s Basketball haunts fans. Despite the fact that this is an anime, many viewers have become fans of the Akashi character, so they compose stories, get tattoos and draw pictures of the character.