Anime characters who are harmed by their own abilities

Anime is replete with various superpowers of varying degrees of usefulness and scale, in titles you can meet both characters who control time and space, and heroes whose power is to throw sticky balls. All this variability of abilities entices the viewer, because it is interesting to find out what a character is capable of with his power, especially if he is opposed by someone with no less interesting abilities. Today we will also talk about characters who have significant limitations in using the ability, otherwise they risk seriously harming themselves.

In this list, I will not list heroes that have something like a rage mod, like the nine-tailed in Naruto, Naofumi’s wrath shield, etc.

Dabi (Boku no Hero Academia)

The first in line member of the “Alliance of Villains”, who behaves deliberately defiant and sharp-tongued, constantly provokes conflicts, even with his comrades. Cool to everything, except for things related to the Prospector, whom the hero hates for some reason, he also takes great pleasure in humiliating local heroes. He hides his identity until he implements a plan to become a villain.

Despite the difficult nature, to take care of people whom he considers comrades, such as Jin Bubaigawara, nicknamed Twice. It has the ability to summon and control blue flames, but is not able to neutralize its effect on itself, therefore it is covered with burns and risks getting new ones with prolonged use. However, this flaw not only destroys Dabi physically, but also influenced his formation as a villain, because such abilities are too dangerous for heroic activity.

Shunsuke Otosaka (Charlotte)

Underground founder of a school for teenagers with superpowers. Unlike Dabi, Shunsuke uses his abilities for good, trying to save children with superpowers from scientists, which, if given the opportunity, can be made from teenagers with the abilities of experimental rats. So he organizes a whole movement that creates not only a school for the gifted, but also tracks them for the purpose of protection, it turns out such an anime analogue of the X-Men. Otosaka himself is a kind person who seeks to protect others at all costs. The main support in protecting loved ones is his ability, which allows the hero to move in time, but each jump takes away part of the vision, with the help of which the movement is made. Therefore, by the time of the events of the anime, Shunsuke is completely blind and cannot enjoy the beautiful world that he embodied with his friends and see the smile of his younger brother and sister.

Kurapika (Hunter x Hunter)

The last survivor of the Kurta clan – people whose peculiarity lies in the beautiful scarlet eyes that appear during strong emotions. Kurapika has an analytical mind and tries to keep his cool in any situation, preferring prudence to reckless actions. The goal of the hero is to become a Black List hunter, these are hunters who concentrate on catching criminals. Specifically, Kurapika intends to kill the most dangerous of them, an organization called the Black Spiders.

After all, it was the “spiders” who killed the entire Kurt clan in order to get their scarlet eyes and sell the latter to the rich from all over the world. But the “spiders” are not immune, so in order to have a chance to defeat them, Kurapika decides to take extreme measures. He limits himself with an oath and creates a series of circuits with unusual properties, one chain can heal, and another deprives the enemy of abilities. The restriction in the oath is the death of Kurapika when using this power against any other being that does not belong to the “Black Spiders”, regardless of the situation.