6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

Many mistakenly believe that anime is children’s cartoons that are designed only for children and teenagers. Among the anime, of course, there are those that are designed specifically for children, but everything is not limited to this! In anime, as in movies, there are a large number of genres, and therefore, even if you are already 40+, some anime may still seem interesting!

In this article, I would like to make a small selection of such anime – perhaps you will also be interested in something!

Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

Well, let’s start with the classics. This is an anime by Hayao Miyazaki, which children and adults can interpret in completely different ways, but both will be interesting.

Children will see a story about a princess and giant bugs, and adults will see a story about an environmental disaster.

Mononoke Hime

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

If you have already seen this anime, then you can also advise Princess Mononoke – another work by Hayao Miyazaki, which will be interesting to both children and adults at the same time, but adults will be able to see details that children (due to age) will not understand yet.

Violet Evergarden

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

A relatively new anime with a deep plot and incredibly beautiful art.
We are talking about a girl who knew nothing in her life except war – she did not understand simple human relationships, did not understand the concept of love. To find out what “love” is, Violet takes a job at the post office, where she composes and sends letters from people all over the country. People share their thoughts and feelings, a lot of tragic stories are revealed, many of which make you think about life.
Meanwhile, Violet is not only looking for an answer to what love is, but also looking for the most significant person for herself – he went missing in the war, but Violet believed to the end that he was alive. To find out how the story will be resolved, I definitely advise you to watch both the series and the films.

Boku dake ga inai machi

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

Anime for fans of exciting stories – from the first series the plot keeps you in suspense and you want to know – what’s next?
It tells the story of a young man, in whose childhood a classmate was murdered, which had a very strong influence on the life of the protagonist and those around him. But miraculously, he manages to go back in time to replay events. What happens if you save a classmate? Will it change life for the better, or vice versa, lead to more tragic consequences?
I won’t spoil it, see for yourself!

Koto no ha no niwa

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

I would recommend this anime to those who love romance and want to watch something light.

Rainy season, Tokyo city, a boy who dreams of becoming a shoemaker and a mysterious stranger…

The director of this anime, Shinkai Makoto, gained great fame with the work “your name” – this anime became one of the highest grossing in the history of Japanese animation. Although to me personally, the old works (“garden of graceful words” and “5 centimeters per second”) seem more atmospheric than the new ones – “your name” and “weather child”. Although the characters in the new anime are drawn more beautifully than in the old ones.

What you like more – choose for yourself.

The Wind Rises

6 Anime that adults will be interested in, not kids

And again Hayao Miyazaki, but I think this anime is very different from the rest of the director’s work, so it should be highlighted as a separate item.

It’s not a kind fairy tale like most other works – it’s a very heavy anime that crosses over the first and second world wars, as well as the great Kanto earthquake: the most devastating earthquake in the history of Japan.

In addition, the main character dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, but could not because of myopia, and his lover was ill with tuberculosis.

In general, the anime is the most serious of all the anime on this list.


Perhaps someone will think that I named some gloomy anime. But it would be fair to say that all these works have interesting ideas and deep meaning, and therefore it would not turn out to be called “children’s”.

However, if someone wants to watch something positive, but is not very familiar with anime yet, I advise you to start with the works of Hayao Miyazaki, such as “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Spirited Away” and “Howl’s Moving Castle”.