Anya Forger Biography

Here I will give you a brief overview of the cute character of the anime “Spy Family” Anya Forger. I will talk about her hobbies, character, past and relationships with people around her.
Anya, before the action in the anime and manga, lived in a neglected orphanage, where children with an obscure past end up. When spy Lloyd came to this orphanage to adopt a child for a secret mission, Anya decided to complete a difficult crossword puzzle by reading Forger’s mind for demonstration.
After the adoption, Anya began to bear the surname Forger and began to be interested in the spy profession, following the activities of her adoptive father and watching cartoons on this topic every day. And soon the girl’s circle of friends increases by one killer Yor, who later becomes the girl’s stepmother.

Anya Forger Biography

Thanks to her telepathy, Anya is able to recognize not only the thoughts of people, but also their occupation and attitude towards herself. But it’s just not clear where the girl got these abilities from. It is possible that when she was in a secret laboratory and bore the code name “007”, experiments were performed on her and subsequently they appeared. Or she was born already with this ability, and after a demonstration of her powers, scientists became interested in her.

It is also known that before Loid Forger , Anya was adopted by four more families, but she could not get along in any of them for many reasons.

If you dig deeper, you can understand that not only Anya dreamed of a strong, friendly and loving family, but Lloyd and Yor are also unconsciously interested in this. The proof of this is their trust in each other and the fact that they seek to protect the fake family from danger. For example, despite Lloyd’s professionalism and the priority of the mission, he became angry during an interview with the heir of the school, who began to insult Yor. And although he was able to restrain himself by hitting the table and crushing it, it still affected Anya’s enrollment in a prestigious school.

Against all odds, Anya Forger is accepted into the school, where she is expected to befriend Loid’s target’s son Damian Desmond. But, having read the boy’s thoughts, Anya hits him and their relationship slides down the plinth. And after these actions, she has to learn to apologize and build relationships with classmates.

Anya Forger Biography

Anya is a kind, understanding and quick-witted girl who cannot ignore the misfortunes of strangers and is ready to take risks for this. And although the girl is young, she already knows and understands a lot in life, since her childhood was not rosy. That is why she tries to help not only fulfill the mission of the foster father, but also save the family, helping to keep their secrets from each other.

In addition to building a relationship with Desmond’s son, Anya is able to help her father by becoming the best in her studies or by constantly participating in events. But even though the girl can read minds, her head starts to hurt because of the large crowds of people. Also, during the new moon, she ceases to hear the thoughts of others at all, which frightens her, since this is already a habitual ability for her. In addition to everything, the girl does not like to study and this affects her grades.

I hope you enjoyed this brief review of the kind Anya Forger from the Spy Family anime and that you will remember this AnyYuki site.