Biography Yor Forger

Yor is a beautiful girl with long black hair who works at City Hall. Her gentle personality who speaks to everyone respectfully is Princess Ibara, an assassin belonging to the secret organization “Garden”. She is one of the strongest in anime, and even in everyday life, she can inadvertently display her superhuman strength. Knowing that unmarried women of odd ages are vulnerable to suspicion following a series of secret messages in the country, Yor begins searching for a marriage partner to continue working as a hitman. At that time, he met Lloyd, who was looking for a wife for his mission, and they married.

Biography Yor Forger

In this article, I’ll talk about Yor’s appearance, background, and voice acting.


Name, surname: real name – Yor Briar. On marrying Lloyd, he became Yor Forger.

Birthday (age): date of birth unknown (age 27)

Height: 170 cm

Profession: employee of the Berlin City Hall, hired killer of the secret organization “Garden” in the East.

Brother: Yuri Briar

Yor Forger hairstyle

Yor always wears a hairstyle with hair hanging down on both sides of her face. According to the back cover of the third volume of the comic, the long hair is split in two and criss-crossed at the back of the head, then criss-crossed. At parties and picnics, the hair at the back of the head is crocheted.


Biography Yor Forger

At home, Yor Forger mostly wears high-heeled ankle boots in an off-the-shoulder knit dress with a loose back. Working as a hired killer, he wears a black dress with a wide chest. The front has a short hem so you can see the hips, but the sides and back are long, below the knees. Knee-high boots with thin heels have a design similar to the neckline of a dress.

Who voices Yor?

It is Saori Hayami who plays the role of Yora in the anime. She also voiced Miyuki Shiba in Irregular Magic School Watch and the role of Shinobu Kocho in the anime The Blade That Slays Demon. Saori Hayami has a good reputation for her transparent voice.

Food is not good for killing

Yor, who can’t cook, challenges cooking to be a good wife and a good mother. Yor’s original food is deadly, and the people who eat it practically pass out.

With Camille’s advice, tropical stews made without the original ingredients can now be made delicious. The stew was well received by Lloyd and Anya and has since become her signature dish.

Why did she become a hitman?

Biography Yor Forger

Yor, who lost her parents at a young age, becomes a hitman to feed her younger brother Yuri. The need for money is one of the reasons to become a hitman, but most of all Yor Forger wanted to protect her little brother’s unloved and peaceful life. Yuuri used to be the only important person. But over time, the fake family with Lloyd and Anya I became just as important to her as the real family.

Two personalities Yor Forger

Yor is a character who has two faces, one is a sweet and unpretentious girl, and the other is a killer. As a mother, she treats Anya well, but sometimes she has a frightening expression that cannot be imagined from her face. This duality is one of the reasons why Yoru is so attractive. His personality is natural and the manga comically shows his interactions with Anya and Lloyd.