Characters from Tokyo Revengers: Height, age, birthday

“Tokyo Revengers” is a manga currently being serialized in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The anime ” Tokyo Revengers ” was broadcast from April 2021, and a live-action movie was released in July 2021. It is gaining popularity in a wide range of media. In addition, the second season of the anime, “Christmas Eve,” will be broadcast from January 2023.

The highlight of the story is the appearance of the main character, Takemichi Hanagaki, who repeats the time leap 12 years ago and grows up to protect her beloved girlfriend and friends, and the passionate friendship of the friends. In this article, we have covered the profiles of Takemichi and the main characters that surround it, including data such as height, age, and birthday, as well as personality.

What is the anime “Tokyo Revengers” that repeats battles in a timely manner?

One day, Takemichi, the main character who continued to run away from unpleasant things and lived a part-time job, learns in the news that former Kano Hina in junior high school was involved in the conflict of Tokyo Revengers and died.

After that, when I fell off the platform of the station, I suddenly woke up to the ability of time leap. By repeating the time leap between the junior high school days 12 years ago and the present age, Takemichi is striving to change the future of Tokyo Revengers in order to save chicks and friends. The appearance of Takemichi who confronts for something that can not be handed over even though he collapses fascinates his friends, and Takemichi himself grows up.

The original manga by Ken Wakui became a big hit with a cumulative circulation of over 40 million, partly due to the effect of media mix with anime and movies. Although it is an action-type yanky manga dealing with friendships and conflicts within the runaway tribe, it has become a hot topic that the SF element called time leap is added, and it has won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for Boys.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Takemichi Hanagaki

Affiliation team Tokyo Ichibantai Captain Omizo Junior High School (past)
■ Height 165cm (past) / 165cm (modern)
■ Weight 55kg
■ Age 14 years (middle 2, past) / 26 years (modern)
■ Birthday 1991 June 25
■ Constellation Crab
■ Blood type A
■ Commonly known as Takemichi
■ Image color Light green
■ Favorite things Potech (consome demon punch)
■ Dislikes ghost
■ Special skill puzzle
■ Respected person, longing senior Mikey-kun, Draken-kun
■ People who are not good at / scary people Ichitora-kun, Peyan-kun
■ What was your dream … I can’t remember … Favorite place Bank
■ Everyday of one day When I ate breakfast, I got an email from Hina and soaked in happiness for a while. → I couldn’t keep up with the math class and was scolded by the teacher for a follow-up exam → Soccer with Akun and others during lunch break → Dating with Hina on the way home → Hanging out in front of the station → Good night email with Hina before going to sleep Also scolded (Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka).

Takemichi was a bad part-time worker who kept running away from things he didn’t like in modern times and was scolded by his juniors. However, in order to save his lover Hina, he repeats the time leap and cooperates with Naoto who triggers the time leap by shaking hands to change the future.

Fights are not strong at all, but the “heart that does not retreat” that confronts even if it collapses because of something that can not be handed over attracted President Mikey and Deputy President Draken, and also influenced Tokyo Revengers. .. His best friend, Atsushi Sendo, just before he jumped and committed suicide in the fourth episode “Return”, is called “the hero of the crybaby”. He has grown by doing many time leap and fighting to change his past.

The voice actors are Yuuki Shin, who played the role of Jin in “EDENS ZERO” and the role of Hazaru in “The Moon Leads in a Different World “.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Hinata Tachibana (Hina)

■ Affiliation Omizo Junior High School (past)
■ Height 153cm (past) / 153cm (modern)
■ Weight secret
■ Age 14 years old (middle 2, past) / 26 years old (modern)
■ Birthday May 21, 1991
■ Constellation Futagoza
■ Blood type A
■ Commonly known as chick
■ Image color White
■ Favorite thing Cocoa
■ Disliked thing Bitter coffee
■ Special skill Piano
■ Favorite animal Dolphin
■ Respected person / longing senior mother Helen Keller
■ Disliked person / scary person Dad when the story is long
■ Dream nurse
■ Takeyuden (or failure story) Takemichi praised the cookie that he baked himself! (I intended to be a macaron, but I guess!)
■ Favorite place The rooftop where I saw fireworks with Takemichi
■ Everyday I went to school with Naoto, always a little earlier than my classmates → I took classes. I like music lessons the most → Eat with my girlfriend during lunch break → Date with Takemichi on the way home! → Take a long bath before sleeping and send a good night email to her Takemichi
(Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

She was the only girlfriend in Takemichi’s life so far, and she was dating when she was in junior high school. She is a cute girl who is also popular with boys, but in the third episode “Resolve”, she also has a strong side to slap Mikey who tried to take Takemichi out.

While worried about Takemichi who gets injured by fights, in episode 9 “Revolt”, Takemichi sheds tears at his powerlessness, saying, “You are not Draken, you are not Mikey, Takemichi is Takemichi.” He is Takemichi’s lover and at the same time the greatest comprehension, such as kissing.

After the fourth time leap to avoid Draken’s death, when he reunited with modern Takemichi in episode 12, “Revenge,” he wore the clover It seems that he had been thinking about Takemichi, who broke up in junior high school.

The voice actors are Azumi Waki, who plays the role of ” Uma Musume Pretty Derby” Special Week and ” Girlfriend, Girlfriend ” Nagisa Minase.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Naoto Tachibana

■ Affiliation detective (modern) / Omizo Junior High School (past)
■ Height 148cm (past) / 175cm (modern)
■ Weight 39kg (past) / 61kg (modern)
■ Age 13 years (middle 1, past) / 25 years (modern)
■ Birthday April 12, 1992
■ Constellation Ohitsuji
■ Blood type A
■ Image color Gray
■ Favorite magazine “Mu”
■ Disliked karaoke
■ Special skill calligraphy
■ Respected person ・ Senior array star ・Crowley
■ People who are not good at it / Scary people
■ Sister when it happens
■ Dream police officer
■ Takeshiden (or failure story) My postcard has appeared on “Mu”
■ Favorite place Library
■ Everyday with my sister I went to school and was screaming because I ate pudding without permission → I got a perfect score on the serious arithmetic test in the class → I ate lunch while reading a book during the lunch break → I stopped by the bookstore on the way back → Kotenpan to my sister with a smash I was disappointed and fell asleep
(Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Takemichi’s younger brother, Hina, is the person who triggers Takemichi’s time leap by shaking hands. It was this Naoto who was a brain sect and discovered Takemichi’s law of time leap. He hated the job of his father, a detective, but became a detective to find out about the future of his sister’s death and save her. We will thoroughly investigate Tokyo Revengers and send Takemichi to the past to change the present.

Wearing a mask in Takemichi’s room, which is clean and littered with garbage. While being frustrated by her sister and Takemichi, who are both moody in the present age of episode 12, they also have a caring side that encourages conversation by taking them out for a drive.

I was swayed by my sister, such as being associated with shopping in the 23rd episode “End of war”, but in the 12th episode, my sister was crying at the funeral after she was thrust into Akun’s car and died. The figure that I yearn for was also drawn.

The voice actors are Ryota Osaka, who played “Ace of Diamond” Eijun Sawamura and ” Haikyu !! ” Keiji Akaashi.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Manjiro Sano (Mikey)

■ President of Tokyo School / Founding member of Tokyo School
■ Height 162cm (past) / 162cm (modern)
■ Weight 56kg
■ Age 15 years old (middle 3, past) / 27 years old (modern)
■ Birthday August 20, 1990
■ Constellation Shizusa
■ Blood type B
■ Commonly known as Mikey
■ Image color Red
■ Favorite things Omuraisu (with flag), Dorayaki, Taiyaki
■ Dislikes Spicy things
■ Special skills You can remove the joints
■ Respected people ・ Longing Senior myself
■ No one is bad or scared
■ Create an era of bad dreams
■ Takeshiden (or failure story) You can use a sleep
fist that is not a drunken fist Until) Wake up by Draken and go to school for lunch. Charging (sleeping) all the time during class → Sano instruction manuals are available in the staff room. Charge (sleep) all the time during lunch break → Go to the rally of Draken and Tokyo Revengers. Run the bike all night (Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka).


With overwhelming strength and charisma, he is the first president of Tokyo Revengers called “Invincible Mikey”. Especially the power of his kick is enormous. In the 7th episode “Revive”, he sank Nobutaka Nagauchi, who made Haruki Hayashida (Parchin) a bumpy captain, with a single kick. In the 19th episode “Turn around” “Blood Halloween”, each member of Valhalla who grabs his foot decides a high kick to one tiger.

I yearn for my brother who was killed by a tiger, and in the third episode, Takemichi asked me why I liked him and answered, “I look like my brother.” His favorite machine is his brother’s keepsake CB250T (commonly known as Bab).

He has a childish personality except when he is fighting. In the fifth episode “Releap”, Draken is always taking care of him because he goes wild when the flag is not set on the children’s set at the family restaurant and falls asleep immediately after eating.

The voice actors are “Kuroko’s Basketball” Shigehiro Hagiwara and “Haikyu !!” Yu Hayashi as Ryunosuke Tanaka.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Ken Ryuguji (Draken)

■ Affiliation team Tokyo Revengers Vice President / Tokyo Revengers founding member
■ Height 185cm (past) / 185cm (modern)
■ Weight 75kg
■ Age 15 years old (middle 3, past) / 27 years old (modern)
■ Birthday 1990 5 May 10
■ Constellation Oshiza
■ Blood type O type
■ Commonly known as Draken
■ Image color Pink
■ Favorite things Bike messing around
■ Dislikes Uncle with too much perfume
■ Special skill Life consultation (because I listen to the story of the child in the store every day )
■ Respected person / longing senior Manjiro Sano
■ Disliked person / scary person Ichitora
■ Dream I want to remodel my lower body into a bike
■ Takeyuden (or failure story) I crushed a runaway tribe while wearing my sleeping Mikey
■ Favorite Place near Dogenzaka in Shibuya
■ One day’s daily life Go to wake up Mikey, go to school, go to crush other banks’ defects, play with the bike, Mikey’s mood of the day
(Source: Tokyo Revengers) Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Draken grew up in a sex shop, and is a hardcore bad guy who got into a fight and inked in 5th grade. With his companionship, in episode 5, he advises the general public not to bother him, which is also the “heart of Mikey.”

He has a mature appearance, a good physique, and a strong fight, so he is always the deputy president of Tokyo Revengers. In fact, he often takes care of Mikey, and he knows how to handle Mikey, such as giving out a flag when Mikey gets angry because there is no flag in the children’s set in episode 5.

Mikey’s younger sister, Emma Sano, loves her very much. She usually treats her coolly, but she shows off her handsomeness everywhere, such as giving her a stuffed animal that she casually wanted on Emma’s birthday in episode 23.

The voice actor at the time of the first broadcast of the animation was Tatsuhisa Suzuki, but on June 19, 2022, it was announced that the voice actor of Draken will be Masaya Fukunishi. Mr. Fukunishi’s masterpieces include “Haikyu !! TO THE TOP” as Heisuke Rishi and ” Jujutsu Kaisen ” as Honda. In addition, it is announced on the official website that “Blu-ray BOX scheduled to be released, broadcasting and distribution after July will be sequentially cast by Masaya Fukunishi.”

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Takashi Mitsuya

■ Affiliation team Tokyo Revengers 2nd Captain / Tokyo Revengers founding member / Shibuya Daini Junior High School
■ Height self-proclaimed 170cm (past)
■ Weight 57kg
■ Age 15 years old (middle 3, past) / 27 years old (modern)
■ Birthday 1990 June 12, 2014
■ Constellation Futagoza
■ Blood type A
■ Image color Orange
■ Favorite things The moment when wrinkles can be removed by ironing
■ Dislikes Hakkai’s evil glue
■ Special skill You can tell the type just by touching the fabric
■ A person I admire, a longing senior Coco Chanel
■ A person who is not good at it, a scary person Mana when the heroine of the tragedy hits and Luna who wakes up
■ Favorite place A classroom with nobody after school
■ One day’s daily life Today, my mother is off for the first time in a long time, so I want to let her go freely and go out with my sisters. They are fond of Hakkai, so they also call Hakkai. Hakkai and Manaruna frolic in the park until evening. In the meantime, defeat the task of the next handicraft club competition on the bench (Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

The captain of the second squad, who is quiet but caring and has a strong fight. I was also concerned about Takemichi from the beginning. In the 14th episode “Break up”, the story of Mikey and Takemichi was overheard, and Takemichi, who became a member of Tokyo Revengers, will be entrusted to the second corps.

At school, he is a well-known director of the handicraft department, and his skill in handicraft is outstanding, such as creating special clothing for the first members. He began to trust Takemichi, who reconciled Mikey and Draken who had been fighting, and showed a battle of abandonment at Halloween of blood. I did.

The voice actors are Kirito from “Sword Art Online” and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, who played Inosuke Hashibira, “Kimetsu no Yaiba”.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Keisuke Baji

■ Affiliated team Tokyo Ichibantai Former / Captain → Current / Bairyu Hara / Founding member of Tokyo Ichibantai
■ Height 175cm (past)
■ Weight
■ Age 14 years old (middle 2, past)
■ Birthday 1990 November 3, 2014
■ Constellation Ichibantai
■ Blood type AB
■ Image color Dark blue
■ Favorite thing Fire suspension
■ Disliked thing Boiled food
■ Special skill You can get your hands before your mouth
■ Respected person, longing senior Yuko Natori
■ People who are not good at / scary people Ka-chan
■ Dream pet shop
■ Takeyuden (or failure story) Stray cats often come into my room, which is liked by animals
■ Mikein’s dojo
■ Everyday (from waking up to going to bed) I have repeated the year. Ka-chan cried. I have to study, but the content of the lesson doesn’t come in. When I consulted with Mikey, I was told that wearing glasses would make me smarter, so I went to Draken, Mikey and Shibuya to buy glasses. A quarrel with a yankee who hit his shoulder. I’ve been calling a lot of friends, so I’ll wait for the time being. I’ve called about 40 people, so I won with Mikey, Draken, and Rock-paper-scissors, so I enjoy 1 to 40. I forgot to buy glasses.
(Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Mikey is a childhood friend and is the person who said that he would make Tokyo Revengers. In episode 22, “One for all,” Mikey also says, “I wasn’t the one who made the Tokyo Revengers. It’s the place.” The place also kept a memorial amulet that the six founding members bought only one at the time of formation. When the venue leaves Tokyo Revengers in episode 14, Takemichi picks up the amulet dropped by the venue. Then, in the 21st episode “One and only”, Mikey and his friends realize the feelings of the place when they see the amulet spilled from Takemichi’s clothes.

It may seem cool at first glance, but it’s actually a hot-blooded sect, as if he tried to protect Tokyo Revengers by pretending to betray and transferring to Baeryu Hara alone. Even when I was stabbed by a tiger in episode 21, Mikey stabbed himself with a knife in his belly and decided himself so that he would not be the reason for killing the tiger. Also, in episode 22, he embodied the words he said when the Tokyo Revengers were formed, “I want to be a team where each person can live for everyone.”

I like cup-yakisoba Peyang, and when I meet Chifuyu, the deputy captain of the Ichibantai, and when I take a breath with Chifuyu’s arms at Blood Halloween, I leave the word “Eat Peyang”.

The voice actors are Masaaki Mizunaka, who plays the role of  Diablo in “How Not to Summon the Demon Lord and the Summoned Girl” and the role of Roy Valentine in “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime “.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Chifuyu Matsuno

■ Affiliation team Tokyo Ichibantai Deputy Captain
■ Height 168cm (past)
■ Weight 58kg
■ Age 13 years old (middle 2, past) / 25 years old (modern)
■ Birthday December 19, 1991
■ Constellation Sagittarius
■ Blood type O type
■ Image color Light blue
■ Favorite things Play with Peke J. Aviation magazine. Ai Yazawa’s work
■ Dislikes Hierarchical relationship
■ Special skill Talking with animals (I feel)
■ Respected person / longing senior Keisuke Baji
■ Disliked person / scary person Ichitora Kun Nostradamus ( Taka)
■ Dream Pilot
■ Buuyuden (or failure story) I chased Peke J and fell from the second floor of the housing complex, but I wasn’t injured . One day everyday (from getting up to going to bed) When I got up and took a bath with Peke J and played with Peke J, it was noon so I gave up school and went straight to Takemicchin’s house. I was hungry, so when I opened the fridge, there was a milk rape that said “my”, so I ate it without permission. I noticed that Takemichi applied for a duel, and when I got hooked on a game arcade, I cried and cried, so I went back home. (Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

A faithful Ichibantai deputy captain who longs for the place and continues to believe in the place and support it no matter what. In the 15th episode, “No Pain, no gain,” he was beaten up as a stepping stone to the place where he was about to enter Baeryu Hara, but he was able to capture the intention of the place without saying anything.

I’m trying to find out about Rare Saki for the sake of the place, and I admit that Takemichi, who is as hostile to Rare Saki as I am, as a companion. Please cooperate with what I do. ” In the bloody Halloween of the 19th episode, Takemichi surrounded by enemies fought in cooperation with “I will protect my back. Look only at the enemy in front!” rice field.

In the 21st episode, he rushes to the fallen place and sheds tears at the end of the place while being told the last word “Thank you, Chifuyu”. In episode 24, “A Cry baby,” she’s beside Takemichi, who has returned to the present day, and she’s trying to connect her local thoughts while being pointed at by Rare Saki, and her loyalty is shaken. I wasn’t there.

The voice actors are Yukihiro Kamiya of “The Idolmaster SideM” and Sho Karino who played “Monster Strike” Orichalcum.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Shuji Hanma

■ Affiliated team Deputy President Baeryu Hara → Tokyo Land Bantai Captain (past, volume 8)
■ Height 192cm (past)
■ Weight 70kg
■ Age 16 years old (high 1, past) / 28 years old (modern)
■ Birthday October 27, 1989
■ Constellation Sasori
■ Blood type AB
■ Image color Purple
■ Favorite things Throbbing
■ Dislikes Other than yourself
■ Special skills Breaking the teeth of people
■ Respected people / seniors of longing Paisen who treats me
■Dream I want 100 slaves to do everything from getting up to going to bed (Outside the human)
■ Favorite place During a struggle (Source: Tokyo  Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Appeared as Vice-President of Baeryu Hara during the 8.3 conflict depicted in episode 9. He showed a strong appearance to fights, such as catching the kick of invincible Mikey and screaming around. After Baeryu Hara was defeated by Tokyo Revengers on Bloody Halloween and became part of it, he became the captain of the land corps. There is a “sin” tattoo on the back of his left hand and a “punishment” tattoo on the back of his right hand.

He has a distorted personality that enjoys laughing, cutting off malicious swearing, and hurting people. She is actually connected to Rare Saki, and in episode 24 she revealed to Takemichi that Rare Saki himself was due to Rare Saki’s plan for both the 8.3 conflict and the bloody Halloween, and she was moving accordingly for half an hour.

The voice actors are Takuya Eguchi, who plays the role of Souei in “That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime” and Shinji Koganei in “Kuroko no Basuke”.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Kazutora Hamiya

■ Affiliated team Baeryu Hara No. 3 / Tokyo Revengers founding member / Omizo Junior High School
■ Height 174cm (past)
■ Weight 160kg
■ Age 15 years old (middle 3, past) / 27 years old (modern)
■ Birthday September 1990 16th
■ Constellation Virgin
■ Blood type AB
■ Image color Yellow
■ Favorite things Bad goods
■ Dislikes Tokyo Revengers members
■ Special skill Peeling off the claws of people
■ Respected person, longing senior Manjiro Sano
■ Dream Manjiro Sano
■ Killing the martial arts (or failure story) squeezing the guy who says the martial arts
■ Favorite place Roof without handrails (Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

He was a founding member of Tokyo Revengers and was a good friend of mine and Mikey at the time. However, in the 16th episode “Once upon a time”, the past was depicted in which Mikey’s brother was unknowingly killed when he tried to steal his motorcycle as a birthday present for Mikey. While he was resented by Mikey, he was aiming for Mikey’s life with a distorted resentment that it was Mikey’s fault that he ended up entering the juvenile training school.

I was converted because the place took my life and connected with the members of Tokyo Revengers, and in the 22nd episode, I told Takemichi and Draken who came to visit the Juvenile Classification Home to face the sin and connect. declaration. I shed tears when I was told by Mikey that “You will continue to be a member of the East Revengers. Forgive you.”

The voice actors are Shunichi Toki, who plays the role of  Kei Tsuzuki in “The Idolmaster SideM” and Sachi Rurikawa in ” A3! “.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Tetta Kisaki

■ Affiliated team Tokyo Revengers Captain (past, volume 8) / Tokyo Revengers Top 2 (modern, volume 1)
■ Height 164cm (past)
■ Weight 58kg
■ Age 13 years old (middle 2, past) / 25 years old (modern)
■ Birthday January 20, 1992
■ Constellation Mizugame
■ Blood type A
■ Image color Black
■ Nothing you like
■ What you dislike Stupid
■ Special skill study, especially mathematics
■ Respected person ・ Longing No seniors
■ Dream Formation of Japan’s largest criminal organization
■ Takeshiden (or failure story) There is nothing to tell
■ Favorite place On the pedestrian bridge at night
(Source: Tokyo Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Rare Saki was a sober student when she approached Nagauchi, the former president of Aimi . However, she uses Nagauchi and Hanma to get up and approach Mikey, feeding on Parchin’s innocence.

He has a smart and computational personality, and is a person who tries to move the organization as he wishes without getting his hands dirty. As I approached Nagauchi in episode 17, he said, “I know myself. The moon can’t shine alone.” 8.3 In episode 24, he revealed that both the conflict and the bloody Halloween were due to his own plans, and he climbed to number two in Tokyo Revengers, which has become a villainous organization in modern times.

In the 13th episode “Odds and Ends” of the future where Draken is in prison, “Rare Saki wants to take away all the important things of Mikey”, which makes me feel obsessed with Mikey. .. Actually, at this time, Draken turned his hand to cause an incident and made him a death sentencer to keep him away from Mikey.

The voice actors are ” Major ” Goro Shigeno and “NARUTO” Shotaro Morikubo who played Shikamaru Nara.

Anime “Tokyo Revengers” Shinichiro Sano

■ Affiliation team Kuroryu Former, first president
■ Height 182cm (past)
■ Weight 69kg
■ Age 23 years old (at the time of death)
■ Birthday August 1, 1980
■ Constellation Shishiza
■ Blood type O type
■ Image color Golden
■ Like Namono Cola
■ Dislikes Efforts
■ Respected people / Seniors of longing
■ First Kuroryu members
■ Dream Izana, Mikey and Biker
■ Takeyuden (or failure story) Confession 20 consecutive losses
■ Favorite place S ・ S MOTERS
(Source: Tokyo Revengers) Revengers Character Book Tenjo Tenka)

Mikey is a 10-year-old brother and former president of the legendary runaway tribe, the Black Dragon. After he retired, he ran a motorcycle shop, but in episode 16 Ichitora and Baji accidentally stole a motorcycle into the store, and he was beaten by Mikey’s brother and Ichitora who did not know his life. I dropped it. This puts Ichitora in the Juvenile Training School for two years, creating a feud with Mikey.

He is the origin of Mikey’s dream of “creating a cool bad era” and has had a great influence on Mikey. In the third episode, Mikey says that for things that he can’t bend, he says that he is similar to Takemichi in that he “challenge a person who is stronger than himself”, which is a trigger for Mikey to like Takemichi. I did.

The voice actors are Masaya Matsukaze, who plays the role of  ”HUNTER x HUNTER” Illumina and ” One Punch Man” Suiryu.

Summary of characters from the anime “Tokyo Revengers”

In addition to the fun of the story, it is the unique characters that bring out the charm even more.

Not only Takemichi, the main character, Mikey and Draken, who lead the East Revengers, but also the enemy characters have their own dramas and souls, so you can’t take your eyes off for a moment. If you look back at the animation after learning about the charm of each person in this article, you may be able to enjoy it in a different way.