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How big is Founding Titan Eren?

The skeletal beast towers over everything in the series.
While people who only watch the anime have just seen it, one of the highlights of the entire series will no doubt be the Founding Titan Eren.

When the colossal titans emerge from the Rumble, Eren gigantic skeleton makes these huge monsters look very small! This got us thinking how big is Eren’s Founding Titan both in the world of Attack on Titan?

Why is Eren Founding Titan so big?

The hallmark of the Founding Titan Eren is a huge, writhing spine. This look is due to Eren being decapitated by Gabi while he was transforming, causing his spine to grow abnormally so that he could rejoin his body.

According to lore, the original Founding Titan, Ymir Fritz, came about as a result of her contact with a spike-like creature. This being attached to Ymir can be seen in her Founding Titan as an outer ribcage.

When Eren transforms, a similar spiked creature extends from his body to his head. So, when he transforms, that giant writhing spine makes up the bulk of his Founding Titan.

As for its gigantic size, there seems to be no clear answer. Maybe his gigantic size allows him to overlook his plan from above, or he could be huge to further scare the outside world.

Founding Titan Eren Height

There is no confirmation of Eren’s full height, but if you look at the original manga and compare it to the Wall Titans, his Founding Titan is over 220 meters tall and could be over 400 meters.

Since this has never been confirmed, the best we can do is compare the height of the Founding Titan to the height of the Wall Titans he marches with. Wall Titans are approximately 55-60 meters tall, and depending on the angle, Eren’s Founding Titan can be four to seven times taller than them.

So the potential altitude range for Founding Titan Eren is between 220 and 420 meters.

Founding Titan Eren Length

Founding Titan Eren’s height doesn’t even take into account what he could be if he could stand. Since it is almost horizontal when moving, its length is even more impressive.

Unfortunately, due to Eren Founding Titan being so large and often surrounded by smoke, it is impossible to determine its true length.

You can only imagine how terrible the Founding Titan is to people stuck on the ground and looking up as it moves through the world.