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Today I will make a brief review of the character of the anime “Tokyo Ghoul” Ken Kaneki. I will tell you a little about his past, character and life situations in which the hero of the work fell into.

So, Ken Kaneki is the main protagonist around whom the whole story revolves. In the first episodes, we can see a kind, modest, timid and unremarkable guy. He loves to read books. And thanks to a common interest in reading books, he meets a girl named Rize.

Ken Kaneki | Wiki | Tokyo Ghoul

During their date, the girl lured Kaneki to an uninhabited place, where she attacked and tried to eat him. That’s just by a happy circumstance, a pile of metal beams falls on it. And while Ken was on the verge of life and death, the doctors decided to transplant organs to Riza, who could no longer be saved.

Arriving at Kaneki’s home, Ken realizes that he is no longer human. After all, in fact, Rize was a ghoul, and thanks to an organ transplant, Ken became a hybrid. And although he was half human, he was no longer able to eat ordinary food. Even so, he still tried to remain a man and lead a peaceful lifestyle that he had before.

He was still studying literature at Kamiya University, diligently clinging to his human nature. In addition, the boy also remained a timid and reserved person. Even when he was attacked by other ghouls, he tried to the last to settle the conflict by talking or waiting for the help of others.

Ken Kaneki | Wiki | Tokyo Ghoul

But after being kidnapped and tortured for a long time by the sadist Yamori, Kaneki’s personality changes dramatically. With his internal transformation, his hair color also changes to white, his nails turn black due to countless regeneration after cutting off his fingers, and his eyes become colder and more indifferent. Now Ken truly accepts his essence as a ghoul and no longer tries to act like an ordinary person.

The character becomes more cruel and cold-blooded, but at the same time there remains a little softness in him, but it is directed only at people close to him. The fact is that Kaneki, even becoming a ghoul, tried to be gentle and kind, which was his mother’s person.

Kaneki’s mother was a naive and soft-hearted person. She could not refuse to help her sister and constantly gave her money, even though she herself lived unsuccessfully. Because of this, she had to constantly work, while her son, meanwhile, remained at home all alone alone with books. Perhaps this is why Ken loves books, as they were not just entertainment, but rather a best friend and a world to escape from his problems. In addition, due to stress, the mother repeatedly raised her hand to the boy when he was noisy or behaved capriciously. This was the trigger for the creation of a timid and closed personality of a guy who tried to keep all his problems inside himself and not share his experiences with anyone.

Ken Kaneki | Wiki | Tokyo Ghoul

Unfortunately, my mother could not refuse people, which was what others used. She ends up falling ill and dying from overwork, leaving her son all alone. And although Kaneki acquired the same qualities of character, deep down he wanted his mother to choose him and be only with him, and not help his sister and other people.

The protagonist accepts his essence as a ghoul, but still refuses to eat people. Instead, he hunts for selfish ghouls who interfere with the calm and peaceful life of ordinary people.

Speaking of abilities as a ghoul, Kaneki certainly has a fast and inhuman regeneration, which becomes faster and more efficient after eating the insides of people. In addition to this, he has developed physical strength, speed, pain threshold, durability, and the ability to manipulate the kagune that he inherited from Rize.

Ken Kaneki | Wiki | Tokyo Ghoul

Over time, the development of the character kagune gradually changes its shape:

  • 3 round tentacles.
  • 4 flattened tentacles.
  • 6 spiked tentacles.
  • Three-fingered hand.
  • Spring.
  • 8 tentacle arms.
  • Spiral sword.
  • Underground spikes.
  • Interlacing of hands.
  • Carnivorous tentacles.
  • Butterfly wings.
  • Cross blades.
  • Swallowtail.
  • Segmented Blades.

On this, perhaps, I will finish a brief review of the protagonist of the anime “Tokyo Ghoul” Ken Kaneki, since I told the main story. I hope you liked it and that you will return to the Aniyuki anime portal.