Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

Mikey (Manjiro Sano) is the founder and leader of the Kanto Manji Gang gang and a character in the Tokyo Revengers manga. In this article we will tell you what Mikey’s hairstyle is called and how to do it, we will see incarnations on real people.

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

Manjiro Sano is a slender guy, below average height, he is the owner of jet black eyes and blond hair. A characteristic feature of the image: the bangs are removed in a ponytail at the crown, and the hair on the sides flutters freely.

Past: 15 years old, blond

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

Present: 27 years old, black hair

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

Final arc: 17 years old, white hair

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

This is a stepped haircut just below the shoulders. The hair is cut in layers, and a special styling gives a complete style to the character.

How to do Manjiro Sano hair

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

The first thing to do is to bleach the hair, since Mikey has blond hair.

Next, the hair is cut slightly below the shoulders with an even cut. To make textured strands, use a razor to highlight each strand.

From the face, the hair is cut with an oblique cut for lengthening. Strands are also worked out with a razor, for the effect of a “torn” and textured hairstyle.

The crown of our leader is short, cut in steps for lengthening.

Mikey’s hairstyle will work well for any face type, but those with a high forehead need to be careful about choosing this style.

Haircut styling Mikey

Let’s start with the bangs, Mikey’s is voluminous at the roots, so, armed with a round comb, dry the hair towards the back. Dry the rest of your hair in the same way.

Turn on the function in the hair dryer – a cold stream, which will help fix the direction of the strands and keep the volume at the roots.

Use wax to highlight individual strands. In order for the hairstyle to retain volume, it’s good to walk at the roots with varnish.

We make a ponytail

To make Mikey’s hit ponytail, you need to use your fingers or a special comb with a thin ponytail to separate straight lines of parting, approximately along the line of the outer corners of the eyes, leaving strands that will frame the face. Comb your hair back, don’t aim for perfection, and don’t make the ponytail too tight to maintain volume. Find the highest point of the head at the crook of the crown and form a ponytail.

With black hair

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

In his second appearance at the age of 27, Mikey appears with short hair and black hair. This hairstyle is called bob with long bangs. On the neck is a dragon tattoo similar to the one Draken and Takashi Mitsuya have. He rides a CB205T motorcycle formerly owned by his brother, Shinichiro Sano.

Mikey’s image is the final arc

Manjiro Sano Hairstyle

In the last real timeline, he has short white hair with the back of his head cut off and a Bonten tattoo on the back of his head with a design similar to his adoptive brother, Izana Kurokawa’s earrings.