Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

The main character of the anime “Tokyo Ghoul”, an 18-year-old student of the Faculty of Philology, Kaneki Ken. Under certain events, he became half a ghoul.

AniYuki will continue to talk about the hairstyles of anime characters, meet Kaneki Ken. We will talk about his haircut, the story of the transition from black to white hair and, of course, admire the photos of your favorite hero in real life.

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

The appearance of the character at first was unremarkable. A thin guy with a black, short haircut. Subsequently, the hair became white, and the body became stronger and more muscular.

The image of the main character of the manga “Tokyo Ghoul” is willingly used for Halloween and cosplay festivals.

What is the name of the hairstyle like Kaneki Ken

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

Kaneki Ken has a bob haircut. Soft, rounded haircut lines are quite popular among Asian guys. Thick, straight hair goes well with a man’s bob, by working with graduated scissors, the master will create the texture of the hair, highlighting the strands and giving them a messy look, you can achieve a hairstyle like Ken Kaneki.

For a haircut, you need a length of about 15 cm at the front of the head and 5-7 cm at the temples.

Haircut is suitable for triangular, oval and diamond-shaped face type.

Artists work on anime characters, highlighting strands and focusing on details. It is not always possible to reproduce quite accurately the style of your favorite hero. A wig might be a good option. By modifying the artificial hair a little to fit your face type and size, you can get a great look at the end.

Kaneki Ken with black hair

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

As we remember, Ken was a shy, introvert who couldn’t hurt anyone. Previously and until the middle of the manga, his hair was black, a characteristic color for Asians and signifying in the anime that he still contains his humanity.

Refusing to accept that he has a ghoul side, he suffers for a long time because of his human qualities.

Kaneki Ken with black and white hair

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

Yamori’s torture puts Kaneki in a difficult physical and mental state, almost driving our hero to insanity. At some point, he realized that what his mother taught him – not to hurt others, makes him weak and will not help keep loved ones safe. Realizing some moments from his past, Ken loses his humanity and his hair turns white, which means maturity, loss of humanity and acceptance of his other side.

Another version of the transition from black to white hair is due to the mental stress that he experienced during extreme torture. This condition is called Marie Antionette’s syndrome.

In the Tokyo Ghoul anime, the transformation is instantaneous, while in the manga, it’s gradual—his strands turn gray until they’re completely white.

Kaneki Ken’s real hair

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle

Ken Kaneki Hairstyle