Plot Demon Slayer Arc: Mugen Train Arc

“Mugen Train” is one of the story Arc in the anime Demon Slayer, as well as the movie. Tanjiro and his comrades join Rengoku, who has gone to investigate the mysterious disappearances on the train.

After their mission to Mount Natagumo where they encountered the Spider Family, Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke took time to rest and train.
They later learn that Rengoku went on a mission to investigate mysterious disappearances that happened on the train. They decide to join him as Tanjiro would like to tell him about the Fire Dance. God, knowing that he is a Pillar of Flame, probably knows more about this matter.

Plot Demon Slayer Arc: Mugen Train Arc

Meanwhile, Kyojuro Rengoku hangs around the train station where the train conductor is said to have been killed. He would also like to know where to find the Infinity Train, which has seen many disappearances. After learning that the latter is in the depot, Rengoku goes there and meets the demon. The latter threatens to kill one of the workers, but Kyojuro intervenes. The demon tells him that he will use his high speed to run to the train station and chase after the grandmother and her granddaughter who are selling food there.
But Kyojuro manages to reach the station before the demon can harm anyone and kills him, saving the grandmother and her granddaughter in the process.

After boarding the Infinity Train with many trays of food, Kyojuro is joined by Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, who sit next to him on the journey. During the trip, the train conductor comes to punch their tickets, but this is actually a ploy that activates the Blood Power of Enmu, the Lower Moon, which is present on the train. This power allows you to put people to sleep directly or through stealth. The sleep is very deep, and it is extremely difficult to wake the sleeper with this power.
However, Tanjiro realizes the deception and deduces that he is in a dream. He tries to wake up somehow, but he can’t. Enmu then sends several people into the dreams of the four assassins in order to destroy their spiritual core. Destroying this core causes the victim’s mind to be destroyed, allowing Enma to kill his victims in their sleep without even interacting directly.

Plot Demon Slayer Arc: Mugen Train Arc

After careful thought, Tanjiro finds a way out of his dream: to die. Indeed, if we die in our sleep, we automatically wake up. Tanjiro plucks up his courage and cuts off his head. He then wakes up on the train to find everyone around him asleep, including Rengoku, Zenitsu, and Inosuke, only Nezuko, who was in her box, was unaffected by Enmu’s spell. Tanjiro leaves to deal with the demon, asking Nezuko to try to wake the others.

Fight with Enmu:

Tanjiro finds himself face to face with the demon Enmu on top of the train, but a problem arises early in the battle for him: Enmu has merged with the train, making it much more difficult to kill him. Indeed, it is necessary to find the level at which level of the train Enmu’s neck is in order to be able to cut it.

Just then, Inosuke arrives to join Tanjiro and then Rengoku. The latter asks them to take care of the first carriages, while he takes over almost all the remaining carriages to protect the passengers.
Tanjiro and Inosuke go to the front of the train and discover that this is where Enmu’s neck is located. But the latter doesn’t seem to want to give up and uses his Blood Power to repel the two assassins. However, Tanjiro wakes up instantly, committing suicide as soon as he appears in the dream, and Inosuke manages to counter this thanks to his mask (Enmu doesn’t know exactly where Inosuke is looking, he relies on the direction of his mask’s eyes). Boar).
Tanjiro and Inosuke then use a combined attack on Enma’s cervical spine to separate the top of the train from the rest of the latter, corresponding to the decapitation of a demon. The latter dies, cursing the demon slayers and lamenting his fate.

Plot Demon Slayer Arc: Mugen Train Arc

After rescuing the passengers of the Infinity Train and killing Enmu, Tanjiro finds himself on the ground, completely exhausted after a tough battle. Kyojuro Rengoku visits him and proudly announces that the passengers are safe despite some injuries. Suddenly he feels the presence of something and sees two eyes glowing in the dark. A demon appears and tries to attack Tanjiro, but Kyojuro intervenes and cuts off the demon’s arm. The latter is replaced and his arm is instantly restored.

Kyojuro and Tanjiro then discern three Upper Moon kanji at the eye level of the demon, who is none other than the dreaded Akaza. He says that he is very impressed with Rengoku’s strength and decides to send him to the demon camp. Kyojuro, true to his principles and values, categorically refuses to become a demon. The two protagonists engage in a fierce battle under the watchful eye of Tanjiro and Inosuku, who have remained on the sidelines. However, Akaza seems to have the upper hand thanks to his regeneration ability, which allows him to withstand Rengoku’s attacks.

Kyojuro then attempts a final attack, which is the ninth move of Flame Breath: Purgatory. Unfortunately, this very powerful technique is not enough and Akaza inflicts a huge wound on Kyojuro. The sun suddenly rises and Akaza decides to run into the forest because he is afraid of daylight. Tanjiro then throws his entire katana at him, calling him a coward, but Akaza explains that he’s not running from the fight, but from the sun’s rays.

Death of Kyojuro Rengoku

Plot Demon Slayer Arc: Mugen Train Arc

After this fight, Tanjiro and Inosuke run towards Kyojuro, who is kneeling on the ground. His wounds seem important, but Tanjiro doesn’t want to believe it, saying that people will come to treat him. Kyojuro, now retired, decides to send him one last message saying that he is proud of him, Zenitsu, and Inosuke. He tells her that they are the future of the Demon Slayer Army and that he has immense faith in them.
Rengoku then sees his mother walking towards him, she looks at him and tells him that she is proud of him. A smile then appears on Kyojuro’s face and he leaves in peace after a battle as intense as it is touching.