Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

Have you ever had a feeling of elation, from which everything is confused in your head and you are hardly able to find words? Then you will understand how difficult it was for me to write today’s article. After all, the anime, which will be discussed, captivated me so much that I was covered with a wave of emotions that I had to digest for a couple of days in order to give out at least something meaningful.

Let me introduce you to the real masterpiece of the spring season anime “My Dress-Up Darling”. And now I will tell you an unremarkable plot of the plot, and only then we will discuss what captivated me so much, and for which I recommend this work.

Plot idea

Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

A dream is stronger than a person’s will, and therefore our main character Wakana Gojo, although he was ridiculed from childhood for his love for porcelain dolls, dreamed of learning how to create them to fanaticism. Forgetting about socialization, he went to this dream for many years, but his faces turned out badly. On the other hand, Gojo became a real master of cutting and sewing costumes for dolls, and one day, when he decided to sew at school, his classmate Kitagawa Marin burned him.

An awkward moment, and Gojou braced himself for ridicule, but instead, Marin was delighted with the boy’s activity. After all, she turned out to be a real otaku and dreamed of transforming into her favorite character with the help of cosplay, but here’s the problem. She is a complete handyman. But convinced of Gojo’s talent, the girl decided to chat him up to help her, and so the story of their relationship began.

Overview of the main advantages of the anime “My Dress-Up Darling”

Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

Let’s start with the atmosphere, and it will be hard, because the whole anime caused a lot of emotions. On the one hand, there is nothing unique here, we have schoolchildren, nascent romance, bright and beautiful drawing.

And it will consist of inspiring motivation, fantastic characters and such sincere emotions that they experience that the average person will not have a chance to resist them.

This anime will just make you fall in love with yourself, you will laugh, tears of experience, delight and sincere joy will rise to your throat, and this will not be the result of manipulation through the plot. It will be the feelings of the characters that are so vividly shown.

The second point I want to talk about the characters, because even though there are cool secondary characters with history and feelings, but for me it has become a theater of two actors. Gojo and Marin are characters from different worlds, and we have seen such patterns dozens of times, but here they are revealed so chic that even a stump will understand how they managed to get along and get along.

Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

After all, each of them has a dream and a life’s work, and they burn with it so that they do not notice anything around. I adore obsessed and talented people, because I don’t have such a thing, but I want to look at them without stopping. But initially I didn’t even like Gojo, because he didn’t take care of himself, devoting himself to the cause for the sake of an unfamiliar person, he forgot about everything, but give him time and you will understand how happy this made him.

Before us is a man who is sure that he is far from his dream, but in his passion and impulses he did not notice that he came closer to her than he dared to hope. And Marin, not only gave him an impetus with her hobby, she also showed the world around him in a way that Gojo did not see him. These are two absolutely living characters that you will believe in and who have such energy magnetism that you want to look at them for as long as possible.

Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

And of course romance, and here I want to praise two points. First, fanservice. They approached him very deliberately, they don’t try to give us ridiculous clichés, and all of his elements are organically inscribed in the plot and in the environment. Characters behave exactly as you would expect from them.

That is, a shy boy in front of a beautiful girl, gradually turning into a person, and the soul of a company that loves hard games for adults, but at the same time has boundaries and modesty.

Well, the second plus is feelings. They are shown here in the way I love the most. There is no sudden amorousness and moments when two heroes bumped their foreheads and realized that this was fate. Instead, we have a smooth story of acquaintance, friendship, common interests and sympathy, which develops into romance. And such that even I, a lover of the genre, got through so much that I was touched like a boy, enthusiastically wondering how it would all turn out.

Romantic anime about a cosplayer girl and a sewing master

I don’t want to say big words and yell about the “romance of the year” in mid-April, but this is a contender for the top, moreover, one that I am ready to insist that you watch it. Works of this caliber are too rare to miss, and I hope to hear your opinions in the comments about this miracle.