Top 10 High School Romance Anime

Hi all! When, after all, he himself was a student until recently, he imagined himself in the place of the main character, although the same thing happened at the university, although that is another story. Who among us does not mind dreaming?

By the way, I almost forgot to warn you, here the anime will be presented on an equal footing. That is, 10th place and 1st are essentially equal, but, as usual, the tastiest was tucked away for last! In addition, many wrote that for some reason we select what everyone watched. This time there will be only a couple of popular anime for beginners, and everything else is little-known, but very interesting anime!

Okay, I’m done with the introduction! Come on, take tea, cookies or other food, because moments of joy and cuteness are waiting for you!

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10. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Our top is opened by a slightly outdated, albeit pleasant, anime. It’s not that it’s been forgotten, but personally I was glad to watch it several times! For those who don’t know, the story goes something like this. I will try to portray the pathos voice of the announcer. It’s hard to live in society if you’re not like the others. 17-year-old Kodaka Hasegawa understands this fully. In general, he is a normal guy, only his appearance is atypical for Japan (he is blond – half Japanese, half English). At the Academy of the Holy Chronicle, everyone shied away from him, mistaking him for a bully. But here and Kodaka luck smiled.

Somehow, entering an empty classroom, he stumbled upon his pretty, but unsociable classmate, Yozora Mikazuki, who was talking with an imaginary friend. After talking, the guys realized that it would be nice to have real friends too. And you can find them by creating a new club. So the “neighbors club” appeared in the school church. The idea paid off completely.

Soon, attracted by the extraordinary charisma of Yozoru and Kodaka, quite interesting personalities gathered in the club: Sena Kashiwazaki – a school star who lacks simple human relations, Maria – a nun who does not know how to get along with people, a guy – a fan of crossdressing and cosplay, Young mad scientist ( also a fan of shounen-ai). Even Kodaki’s sister didn’t stand aside. Yes, the plot is not new, but it did not become worse from this. And we’re moving on!

9. 25-Sai no Joshikousei

I read the name of the anime – I thought that I would not want to be in my 25 years in 11th grade. Just flashbacks after school so far, but oh well. The viewer immediately has a question in his head, they say, how so? What? What anime is so weird? Well, everything is in order. Let’s start something like this for the intrini:

When your little cousin, who looks like you like two peas in a pod, refuses to go to class, and you have been sitting without a job for a month, wouldn’t it be natural to replace her? At least, the heroine of this story, 25-year-old Hana Natori, thought so at first. However, on the very first day, Hana’s deception was revealed by her former classmate, and now the history teacher of the local school, Okito Kanie.

And although the plan with the substitution did not please the young teacher at all, the girl will find many ways to keep the man silent. Especially if it benefits both parties. Well, of course, without romance and other cute things, it could not do here. So here we have not a very typical anime for special connoisseurs!

8. Orange

Here it is – a great fruit, an orange, and why not make an anime about it ?! Heh, yes, the Japanese would have had enough imagination for this, but not this time. Here we have a nicer story. Well, the anime is about a girl named Naho Takimiya. It just so happens that she receives a letter from herself – an adult, ten years older. The letter accurately describes events yet to come, including the transfer of a new student, Kakeru Naruse, to her class. Don’t ask how it happened. I won’t spoil anything. But here we are talking about something else.

In the letter, the adult Takamiya repeatedly reiterates that she has a lot of regrets and wants to make things right, hoping that Naho from the past will make the right decisions, especially towards Naruse. After reading the letter, the girl learns that in the future, ten years later, Kakeru will no longer be with them. Naho from the future urges you to keep a close eye on Kakeru, as she does not want to lose such a precious person to her. So here we have a fantastic and at the same time sweet story that promises to be interesting.

7. Bakuman

The most anime for inspiration and opening, let’s say, a second wind. When I watched this anime, then, being a 22-year-old teenager, I realized that you just need to believe in yourself! In the anime, schoolchildren Moritaka Mashiro and Akito Takagi are presented here at the very beginning, young graduates ready to begin their ambitious plans for manga, and even anime.

It is worth noting that Moritaka is a good artist. Akito is an aspiring writer. Together, they decide to start creating their own manga, based on which they can make a full-fledged anime. The muse of Moritaki’s school days, the charming Azuki, also plans to become a star of Japanese culture – a seiyuu actress. Moritaki, having learned about this, offers her the realization of her dream – to play one of the main characters of their future project and marry Moritaki.

But first, a young artist needs to keep his promise and get to the screen version of his own manga. When I watched this anime, honestly, I was greatly inspired and it even somehow helped me in life. So I highly recommend!

6. Angel Beats!

Who would have thought that, even having gone to the other world, a Japanese schoolboy named Otonashi would again find himself in school. Forgetting his own name, the poor fellow is forced to walk in formation again and participate in the public life of the “afterlife school”. But, as expected, not all students liked this “life in heaven” and all those who are dissatisfied unite under the informal “Front of the afterlife.” Their goal is to find out why and whose fault they ended up in such a strange place.

The fight against the school administration in the person of the beautiful Tenshi (angel), concerts of the local group “Dead Girls and Miracle Yudo”, that’s what the main character will have to deal with in the “afterlife school”.

5. Wasteful Days of High School Girl

Well, here is the best anime for girls. Do you remember graduation albums? In them, under the photo, classmates write wishes and dreams. Here, the main character Tanaka dreamed of becoming a cool high school student and finding a boyfriend. And where can I get it in the Women’s High School? With such goals, it was clearly not necessary to act here. But there are still advantages! Two more of her former classmates will study there, and even in the same class. So it’s not all that bad! Whether out of boredom or a sudden burst of inspiration, Tanaka gives everyone in the class nicknames. Having learned about this, her friends skillfully select a nickname for her as well.

The little girl spends her days making up stories about how she meets the guy of her dreams, and all the stories – typical shojo manga plots – end with a declaration of love to her. Behind the low-key external data and obsessive nature, a dreamy and romantic silly woman is hiding.

4. Daily Lives of High School Boys

And here is a similar anime, but for guys. I want to say that the authors did not really care about the romantic line. It’s more like comedy, because boys, you know, don’t like romance as directly as girls do. Although, of course, there is romance in anime, because without it it would be stupid to talk about it.

We have a comedy story here about high school friends based on a shounen manga. Here we will be shown what the heads of male school students in Japan are actually stuffed with.

Skipping lessons and disobeying elders, terribly funny and completely ridiculous jokes. In this anime, you will find everything that any student faced in his youth. And even problems with meeting girls. Yes, they are…But wait…After all, we have a plot here built in a men’s school…And that’s the intrigue. All in all, a really hot blooded in a very bold anime that can shut up even the most boring animation critics. Watch and enjoy.

3. Beelzebub

I don’t even know if this anime can be considered very popular, but still it is unlikely to compete with the same Angelic rhythms. Besides, it’s already a little old and some people really can’t know about it, so I decided to include it here? Well, why not? This anime has a very unique atmosphere, as for me, where school triggers, school life and shounen come together.

His story begins like this: the future star of the young hooligans of the Ishiyama school, Tatsumi Oga, was calmly resting on the banks of the river after another conversation with members of the local gang. There, he meets a mysterious kid who takes an immediate liking to him. As it turned out later – the baby is the lord of darkness! Hilda appears immediately and explains to Tatsuma what fate awaits him. Oga is surprised and tries to avoid her but fails. Soon, the son of the Lord of Hell appears in the Tatsuma family.

The boy does not like cuteness or songs, he likes fights, noisy showdowns, hard games and the like.

2. Gamers!

Here we have anime for fans of video games and everything connected with them. There are many problems for gamers. So it is with the main characters of this series. The history of gamers revolves around several schoolchildren and one hobby. Amano Keita is our lone hero who has a passion for the game, befriends Uehara Tasuku, a secret gamer and someone who believes his life is great.
We also have Karen Tendu, the president of the video game club, and Chiaki Hoshinomori, who constantly bickers with Keita. This is a story filled with an endless series of comedic scenes and misunderstandings. Our chaotic romantic comedy begins! Sorry, I just didn’t think of anything else, so I inserted a typical ending. But honestly!


And in this favored position, we have a story about Arata Kaizaki, a 27-year-old man who, after being fired from his previous job, flunked every interview. To be honest, I wanted to be in the place of the protagonist at one time.

And you’ll understand why. The meeting with Ryo Yoake seriously changed the course of events. After all, this guy is an employee of the Re-Life Research Institute, who offered Arata to make him 17 years old again and become the object of their experiment for a year, giving him a drug that can change the appearance of the hero.

So the once 27-year-old loser Kaizaki Arata will have to start his life anew, only now as a high school student. And there, not only romance awaits him, but also a philosophical rethinking of life.


Yes, guys, I warned that I would not take here absolutely popular anime that was watched by probably 90% of the viewers. Therefore, for those who have not watched some of the very popular and interesting high school romance anime, we have prepared a short list. It focuses on anime that you must watch if, of course, you have not seen them before.

  1. High School DxD
  2. High School of the Dead
  3. My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong
  4. As I Expected, chiban Ushiro no Daimaou
  5. Blue Exorcist
  6. Cool Teacher Onizuka
  7. Haikyuu
  8. Food Wars!: Shokugeki no Soma
  9. Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl
  10. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
  11. K-On!