10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Not every couple in anime has a fairy tale romance. Some couples face problems that threaten to tear them apart. These couples may find it difficult to weather the storm and eventually part ways.

For true romantics who believe in the power of love, there are plenty of couples in anime who find their way back to each other. There are many couples in anime who break up but always get back together.

10. Usagi and Mamoru (Sailor Moon)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

It may come as a surprise to learn that one of the most iconic couples in anime, Usagi and Mamoru, haven’t always been together. Usagi and Mamoru are Sailor Moon’s doomed lovers, both in their past lives and in their future. However, the two got into a difficult situation when Mamoru started having nightmares about Usagi’s death. Terrified that being together would mean Usagi’s death, Mamoru breaks up with her. Much to the delight of fans, the two do not remain estranged. The strength of their love surpasses the fear hanging on the horizon.

9. Rin and Hatsuharu (Fruit Basket)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Hatsuharu and Rin from the Fruit Basket have been inseparable since childhood. They care and want to protect each other no matter what the cost. When Akito pushes Rin out of the window as punishment for her dating Hatsuharu, Rin immediately breaks up with him.

Fearing that Akito will harm the man she loves, Rin kicks him out. Luckily, the two were able to reconcile and by the end of Fruits Basket, they are happy together again.

8. Haruto and Yuzuki (A Town Where You Live)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Haruto and Yuzuki first meet at a summer festival in Haruto City, Shonobara. Loving his time there, Yuzuki returns to Shonobara and starts going to school. As Haruto and Yuzuki spend more time together, they fall in love with each other.

They even start a long distance relationship when Yuzuki returns to Tokyo to reconcile with his family. Unfortunately, Yuzuki cuts off all contact with Haruto and ends their relationship. However, their love story does not end there. Haruto and Yuzuki meet again years later and rekindle their relationship.

7. Banri and Coco (Golden Time)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Banri and Koko met in their first year of college. Coco is an unusual girl. Banri suffers from retrograde amnesia after an accident that happened to him. After various adventures in college life, the two confess their feelings and start dating. However, the two of them had a hard time sailing when Banri’s memories begin to return.

Koko, aware of Banri’s fear of eventually forgetting her, breaks up with him. Despite this, she was still in love with him. The two part ways when Banri regains his memories and loses memories of his new student life. However, to the relief of the fans, Banri and Koko got back together.

6. Nana and Ren (Nana)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Nana met Ren at one of his concerts, after which they played in the same band. So they started dating. When Ren decides to join a new group in Tokyo, they break up. This allows them to live their lives the way they want. Despite their breakup, both Ren and Nana still had feelings for each other.

When Nana starts performing in Tokyo, she meets Ren. Regretting the breakup, Ren confesses that he still loves. Nana admits she feels the same way and the two rekindle their relationship.

5. Momo and Kairi (Peach Girl)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Momo and Kairi were originally classmates. Rumor has it that they are dating despite the fact that they like other people. However, due to rumors and other circumstances, they begin to bond and fall in love with each other.

As a result of misunderstandings and insidious plans, Sae, Momo and Kairi end their relationship. Luckily, everything is settled between the two. With new declarations of love, Momo and Kairi meet again.

4. Erika and Kyouya (Wolf Girl and Black Prince)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Erika and Kyouya may have started off in a fake relationship, but that didn’t stop them from developing feelings for each other. When Erika overhears Kyouya stating that Erika means nothing to him, she immediately ends their fake relationship, heartbroken.

She cautiously starts dating another boy from school. Faced with the consequences of his relationship with the “black prince”, Kyoya takes Erika back. He also confesses his love for her despite his doubts. The two meet again, starting a real relationship instead of a fake one.

3. Nanami and Motoharu (Bokura ga Ita)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Nanami and Motoharu are classmates and at first communication between them did not work out. However, over time, they begin to converge. They meet, even after Motoharu initially rejects Nanami’s confession. Unfortunately, the two have faced several difficulties in their relationship.

Motoharu’s secrets, as well as the trauma from his last relationship, haunted him. Inevitably, Nanami breaks up with Moroharu. Luckily, they still had feelings for each other despite the breakup. After promising that Motoharu won’t keep any more secrets from Nanami, they are happily reunited.

2. Miaka and Tamahome (Fushigi Yuugi)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Miaka and Tamahome did not get along at first. However, it didn’t take long for them to fall in love with each other. Despite their love, the world seems determined to keep them apart.

One such case occurs when Miaka breaks up with Tamahome after learning that their love will prevent Suzaku from being summoned. She also faces the brutal truth that she will inevitably be separated from him. Luckily, these two won’t let the world stop them from being together. They continue to fight for a common future.

1. Taiga and Ryuuji (Toradora!)

10 Anime Couples Who Got Back Together

Taiga and Ryuuji were united by the desire to become friends with each other’s best friends. Spending time together, they inevitably fall in love. However, it so happens that Taiga leaves Ryuuji and moves in with her mother.

Fortunately for the couple, they are not separated for long. They reunite a year after graduating from high school.