Anime about detectives working in teams

An anime about detectives working as a team. Tangled stories, over the search for clues which are working entire teams of detectives. It’s not that I don’t like detectives, but usually either one or two people handle the case, or the contribution of the rest of the group is so insignificant that it somehow fades. For example, is it possible to consider that in the anime “Death Note” Light was opposed by a team of detectives? It seems yes, but it seems not, because there was no teamwork as such.

Pretty Boy Detective Club

Anime about detectives working in teams

Mayumi Dojima, when she was little, noticed an unusually bright star while on vacation with her parents. From that day on, the girl lost her peace. She had a dream – to become an astronaut. But the parents were categorically against it, and that star could not be seen again. As a result, Mayumi entered into an unusual agreement with her parents: if the girl does not find her star before her fourteenth birthday, she will have to give up her dream forever.

On the night before her fourteenth birthday, Mayumi, as usual, went up to the roof of the school to admire the starry sky and met him – a handsome man who volunteered to help her. He’s the president of the Handsome Detective Club. This is a mysterious club with an unusual name, about the activities and members of which no one knows anything.

Once in the office of the club, Mayumi is very surprised how these five such different guys manage to work together: a bully, an ideal student, an athlete, a creator and an aesthete, and they are all real beauties. And the charter of the club consists of very strange points: always remain beautiful, always be a boy, that is. baby, be a detective and be a team.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

Anime about detectives working in teams

Jugo Yama is transferred to a new school. Now he has to live and study on the student island of Nanae, where all the conditions for schoolchildren and students are created. Real Paradise.

The owner of the apartment in which Jugo was to live turned out to be a very peculiar girl. I asked for payment for a year in advance and warned that the money would not be returned. What’s the catch?

In his room, the boy found a girl, but the owner of the apartment reassured him that no one lives there, and what Jugo saw was just the ghost of a schoolgirl killed ten years ago. The boy would have been happy to run away, but, as we remember, the hostess does not return the money for rent, and the hero has no other means. Therefore, I had to come to terms with living together with a ghost who called himself Nanana. The ghost turned out to be with character, but at some point, Jugo even felt sympathy for her or something else and promised to find her killer. But while the guy accidentally found one of her treasures, he met a girl who calls herself a detective and her assistant assistant, with whom he joined the adventure club.


Anime about detectives working in teams

Hotaro Oreki lives by the principle: “If I don’t have to do something, I won’t; if I have to do something, I’ll do it quickly.” The guy does not like to strain and does not join clubs. But one day he receives a letter from his sister, in which she asks him to join the classics club, which she once was a member of. The fact is that due to the lack of people wishing to join the club, it can be closed.

Hotaro agrees to fulfill his sister’s request, but when he arrives at the club room, opening it with the key, he finds Eru Chitanda there. The girl also wanted to join the club, and when she arrived, the door was open. Who locked her up? Hotaro does not see anything interesting in this phenomenon, you never know who accidentally closed the door, but the girl is very curious and really wants to understand this riddle. As a result, the guy surrenders under her pressure and agrees to help sort out this mystery.

Hotaro’s friend Satoshi Fukube joins the couple. The activity of the newly formed classics club will begin with “The Secret of the Locked Door”.

Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin

Anime about detectives working in teams

Miyako Arata is assigned to the Midnight Department of Regional Relations, but he has no idea what he will have to do. New colleagues prefer not to scatter words, because it is easier to see once than to hear a hundred times. Therefore, they conduct a “rite of passage”: with the help of a special aerosol, they show a real fairy. In short, the activity of the Midnight Department is to investigate incidents related to “Others” (tengu, angels, youkai, etc.)

On his first shift, Miyako discovers that none of his co-workers can understand the speech of others. They can only guess what they are talking about, not always correctly interpreting what is happening. Unlike them, Miyako understands everything. Colleagues called this phenomenon “sand ears”. And the “Others” are called Miyako Abe no Seimei for some reason. Be that as it may, a guy with such a unique talent immediately becomes like hot cakes.


Anime about detectives working in teams

At the bare minimum, a supernatural power beyond human comprehension, activated whenever a certain condition is met.

The owners of this power lead a completely different lifestyle. Some are promised all sorts of privileges just because they have power. Others have imagined themselves omnipotent and create all sorts of chaos. And Nice and Murasaki work for the Hamatora detective agency. Nice always has no money, because of the two orders: monetary and noble (associated with someone’s life, for example), he will choose the second.

And although the entire office of the agency is just a table in a cafe, the guys still have orders, but even when the work has to be divided, sometimes it may turn out that these are just different episodes of one big deal.