Top 7 Best Romance Anime

There are series in which we can’t wait to see what happens next, such as Death Note. Or it makes you think about the complex issues she’s dealing with, in the case of Monster. However, there is a genre that, although it does not include difficult to understand premises, is a favorite of many. This genre is romance. If you want to get addicted to the best romantic anime and turn your brain off completely, we have selected a list of titles that are sure to make you believe in love. Do you feel butterflies in your stomach?

Best Romantic Anime Series to Fall in Love with

Your name (2016)

Kimi no na wa, or also known by its translation Your Name, is one of the few animated films to achieve fame and attention outside of the West. One of the most successful films in theaters, breaking box office records and grossing an impressive $357,986,087. Something impressive for Japanese animated films.

Anime combines two elements that are perfect for each other: fantasy and romance. Accompanied by superb, realistic animation and unrivaled style. The visual details are impressive: movement, use of colors, lighting, background, etc. Makoto Shinkai is directing this anime film. Behind him are the series 5 Centimeters per Second and the Garden of Fine Words. The story centers on two teenagers, Mitsuha Miyamizu and Taki Tachibana, high school students separated by thousands of miles: Tachibana in the bustling city of Tokyo and Miyamizu in rural Itomori. Although under normal circumstances their paths shouldn’t cross, the two switch bodies and go through a series of unusual encounters that go through different stages: bewilderment, shock, disbelief and, later, emotions.

Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru (2013-2020)

A four-season anime inspired by the light novel series that has received critical acclaim from viewers and the general anime audience. The story revolves around Hachiman, our protagonist, an asocial high school student with a slightly (very) distorted outlook and perception of life. It is also the story of her two companions, Yuigahama Yui and Yukinon Yukinoshita. The paths of these three characters cross when the hero joins a service club where he learns much more than he thinks.

This is an anime that, although there is nothing special about the premise, is a real gem. The protagonist’s internal monologues plus his skirmishes with the supporting cast provide a lot of action. Themes such as communication, student life, well-being and hypocrisy lie at the center of this adventure. Although the romance develops slowly at first, as the story progresses, we see how the hearts and feelings of our trio change dramatically.

Clannad: After Story (2007-2009)

We are facing one of the most famous romantic and dramatic anime in the industry. The visual novel franchise, which has spawned a light novel, a manga (5 volumes), a film, and an animated adaptation of 25 and 24 chapters respectively, is a must for fans of the genre. The story follows Tomoya Okazaki and Nagisa Furukawa, two high school students whose paths cross and begin to experience a roller coaster of emotions. A love story that grows as you progress through the episodes and does not skimp on the details to take you into the clouds, make you believe in the dream of a beautiful love story, and then launch you without a parachute with very emotional moments.

The character development is wonderful. The couple’s relationship is logical and includes all sorts of ingredients that can’t be missing in a romantic anime: kisses, tender moments, hugs, and relationship problems. Season 2 sees a more mature plot with relatively slick comedy. The soundtrack is impressive, the animation is so fluid that it sweetens you up, and the characters are memorable.

Nana (2006-2007)

Speaking of adult stories, one cannot fail to mention the manga anime series “Nana”. Another one of the greatest gems of the industry and the romantic genre.

A 47-chapter animated production from Madhouse Studios that explores different aspects of love life: couple relationships, individual struggles, ups and downs in relationships, rivalries, aspirations, and more. At the center of this whirlwind of events, our main character is Nana Osaki. But also Hachi, a girl who leads a completely different life than Nana. Throughout the story, we will see how, in principle, they live in different worlds, but everything is credited so that their paths cross. The animation is unique and captivating in its own way. Music, which plays a fundamental role in the plot, fascinates and makes you feel emotions at every concert.

Toradora! (2008-2009)

A series of Japanese light novels adapted into anime and published by renowned studio JCStaff, with a total of 25 chapters in one season.

The anime tells us the story of Ryuji Takasu, a student who, because of his intimidating face, drives away all his classmates and is even branded as a delinquent. On the other hand, we have Taiga Aisaka, a short girl who has an explosive temper and often gets into trouble. A love story that is slowly being prepared. Perfect for those who are looking for an alternative to classic romantic anime with love at first sight. The monologues are great, the soundtrack is catchy, the animation is outstanding.

Kimi ni Todoke (2008-2010)

Animated series about romance, which is impossible to tear away from viewing. The emblem of the genre in both the manga and anime industries.

In this story, our main character is Kuronuma Sawako. Although she doesn’t have many friends, she attracts the attention of Kazehai Shota, the most popular student in the school. He is the only one who comes to talk to her. One of those shows where opposites attract. The anime may not convince you, but it deserves a chance.

Your Lie in April (2014-2015)

Few anime are as shocking as Your Lie in April. One of those that gives you goosebumps when you remember certain scenes.

This is a beautiful and natural love story that develops thanks to two excellent characters who live on a roller coaster of emotions inspired by a common element: music. A component that plays a key role in the plot and influences the development of both. Kosei Arima is presented to us as a piano prodigy acclaimed by national and international critics. Until his mother dies and music stops making sense to him. After some time away from the stage, Arima meets Kaori Myazono, a girl who will completely change his life. The soundtrack is, of course, impressive. Every note we can hear is a message from the soul. The impulse of their will. The intense musical scales convey their emotions and happiness, but also their suffering.