Unusual doctors in anime

Greetings readers. A doctor is not only one of the most important professions on which many lives depend, but also a convenient tool for storytelling in various works. The presence of a doctor in anime, especially an unusual one, can justify the constant freshness of the characters after hard battles, because after the introduction of a character that can cure the hero, you can forget about the wounds and neglect the recovery intervals, completely surrendering to the action, since even mortal wounds can heal in a short time. But not in all series, doctors simply heal wounds by classical methods or some kind of magic, but use something special, a skill available only to them. Today I will tell about several unusual characters of doctors.

Toaru Majutsu no Index

Unusual doctors in anime

Doctor, whose name is not mentioned, because all the characters simply call him the Doctor with a frog face because of his unusual face shape resembling just the same frog. However, despite the lack of a name, the character is quite heavily featured in the plot and is behind a lot of things that happen in the anime. By itself, the Divine surgeon is an extremely kind uncle who puts the interests of his patients above all else, trying to help everyone without exception, and not only within the framework of his profession.

The unusualness of his healing lies in the ability to heal even the most severe injuries, for example, a point-blank shot from a combat pistol in the head. In addition, the doctor was able to create a mysterious device that can prolong life and fight aging, but the character himself is not very happy with this invention, so he abandoned these studies in favor of simple work in the hospital of Akademgorodok. It is not known for certain whether the frog-faced Doctor possesses superpowers or whether he can do such miracles only thanks to his knowledge and vast experience, but his insight in working with patients and a rather high position in the hierarchy of the Academies of the city, as well as high awareness of even the most secret experiments create enough mystery around this ridiculous-looking hero.

Boku no Hero Academia

Unusual doctors in anime

Nurse at Yuei Hero Academy. This adult conducts rather tough entrance exams and hard training without much harm to the students and staff of the academy. And all thanks to her quirk, which is able to accelerate the regeneration of the body through a kiss from Chiyo, finally the folk remedy for kissing the wound had the desired effect.

While such strength guarantees a speedy recovery from serious injuries, it is not able to handle extreme cases, such as Izuku being too badly injured after using his quirk, the elderly Chiyo had to operate, healing with his quirk along the way. In addition, the ability itself has a limitation, because the acceleration of regeneration takes quite a lot of vitality from the body, of course, depending on the injury, which in the most difficult situations can lead to complete exhaustion of the patient, and not to his healing. But thanks to her long experience in using the Quirk, the nurse is able to fully control the increase in regeneration, leaving patients with more strength and stabilizing difficult conditions.

Bungou Stray Dogs

Unusual doctors in anime

Akiko Yosano is a young woman, predominantly wearing a puffy-sleeved shirt, tie, and black skirt rather than her usual medical gown. The girl is the only doctor of the Armed Detective Agency, which is why the entire responsibility for the health of the members of the organization lies with her. Although Yosano values life and takes care of her patients, her character traits do not allow her to be called the same compassionate character as the previous members, and all because of her proud nature and some sadistic tendencies with a short temper.

Akiko certainly has the necessary medical skills, but still the main way of healing is her ability “Don’t Give Your Life”. Its essence lies in the complete healing of the most severe wounds in the blink of an eye, but not everything is so simple, because there is one very important condition – the patient must be on the verge of death. Therefore, in order to heal some kind of fracture, the heroine must almost kill the patient, and then cure him. This makes Akiko not only an excellent doctor, but also a powerful combat unit, as well as an ideal interrogator.