Who is the strongest character in Re:Zero? Top 15 Ranking

Re Zero is a feature-length novel by Tappei Nagatsuki. The hermit boy, summoned to another world from the present age, will survive in another world where neither right nor left can be understood, relying on the time loop’s ability to “return to death”. As of October 2020, the original has been released in up to 24 volumes, with the chapter 6 story evolving from all 11 chapters scheduled to be completed. The anime version has entered its second term from 2020 with new characters and mysteries. In this article, 15 of the most powerful characters, carefully selected by the editors of AniYuki. Let’s take a look at the strong characters, imagining the end of this work in progress.

The selection criteria are [magic power, combat power, work activity]

This rating is created taking into account magical power, combat power and activity in work. Here, as a 2022 version, we will create a ranking focusing on the characters that can be understood in the original and animation at the moment. Since this is not a work in which magic power and combat power are quantified, I also paid attention to the activity in the work. The author also often mentions the strength of each character.

Were there other reincarnated people from Japan besides Subaru?

Like Subaru, Aldebaran and Flugel are suspected of being reincarnated from Japan. Aldebaran is a knight of Priscilla’s camp, a strange man with a helmet on his head and sandals on his feet. When I first met Subaru, I recognized him immediately and Subaru felt a sense of closeness. In chapter 5 of the original, it is revealed that he also has special abilities similar to Subaru. Also, since the name is associated with stars like Subaru, it seems like an important person. Flugelhorn is a great sage. Although he is still a mysterious person, the theory about Flugelhorn-Subaru’s father or Subaru himself is also whispered due to the coincidence of words and actions.

15th place: Natsuki Subaru

First appearance: 1 original story story, 1 anime story Camp: Emilia’s Camp. Natsuki Subaru is the main character of the anime. Pure combat power itself is not that high, as no cheat power other than “return to death” is given. However, it is not strange that the spirit is already broken, and the mental strength repeating “return to death” with real pain and fear of death and still trying to move forward for Emilia and friends is considered abnormal even in work. So much that it will be done. In his case, this spiritual power is his greatest weapon. In addition, he has an extraordinary Witch Factor ability, allowing him to tap into his defeated opponent’s powers. As the main character, he was ranked 15th because he was able to pull himself out of the situation and move forward.

14th place: Rem

First Appearance: Chapter 1 Anime Episode 4 Camp: Emilia’s Camp Rem, a Demon Tribe survivor who boasts overwhelming strength among Ajins, immediately becomes stronger, becoming a Demon. In addition to improving physical abilities, magic will also be enhanced. It is an excellent type that can crush enemies with a morning star with outstanding destructive power, as well as heal with water magic. When Subaru was cornered by Betelgeuse’s henchmen, he was active on the front lines in the battle to subdue the white whale. Having overcome trauma in her relationship with Subaru, she also supports Subaru. There are many scenes where Subaru would break down without Rem, and his actions are indispensable to anyone else. As a demon, he is one-horned, so he has average strength. This is the 14th place.

13th place: Wilhelm van Astrea

First appearance: Chapter 1, Anime Episode 12 Camp: Kursha Camp. Wilhelm van Astrea is a sword master who is commonly referred to as the “demon of the sword”, although he is an old deacon who usually serves Kursh. When he was young, he defeated Kensei at that time in a one-on-one game and rose to the position of Kensei. He is a beloved wife who was defeated by his wife Motokensei and continues to love him for many years. In the main story, he takes an active part in the subjugation of white whales. Waiting for the opportunity to defeat the white whale that killed his wife, he damaged the white whale with the sword of old malice. He is a talented person who can rank first in the combat power ranking of a living person, but he can’t use magic at all because he has no protection. Therefore, he is weak only for close combat, and it is in this position.

12th place: Garfiel Tinsel

First Appearance: Original Chapter 4, anime, 28 episodes Camp: Sanctuary → Emilia’s Camp Garfir Tinsel is the guardian of the Sanctuary who refers to himself as the “Shield of the Super-Strong Sanctuary”. It is also possible to turn him into a beast in the quarter that drinks the blood of a beastman. He stood in front of Subaru, who sought to liberate the shrine, and showed his strength. Due to the effect of “Phantom Blessing”, he can gain many benefits, such as strengthening and restoring defense when his feet are on the ground, and weakening the opponent’s earth magic. He has the belief that “attack is the best defense” and fights with shields attached to both arms as weapons. There was a scene where he was unexpectedly killed by Roswar, but his ability seemed to bribe Roswar as well. At the time of the feud, it was a nasty strong enemy for Subaru.

11th place: Beatrice

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Episode 4 Anime Camp: Emilia Beatrice’s Camp is a spirit in the form of a little girl who appears in the Roswar House library stack as an administrator. It is a rare creature that has almost completely mastered shadow magic, has few users, and can use terrible magic such as space travel and time freezing. However, until the middle stage, his strength was limited to Roswar House. He is as strong as Roswar in the mansion, but when you exit the mansion, he will be significantly weakened. In addition, since it is an artificial spirit, it also has some drawbacks. Basically, he is indifferent to the problems of the camp and solves it on the sidelines, so there are not so many active scenes in the early stages. Therefore, this time she took 11th place.

10th: Roswaal L Mathers

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Anime Episode 4 Camp: Emilia’s Camp Roswar L. Mathers is Emilia’s guardian and the title of chief mage of the court. He is the wielder of “Magic Blessing” which can handle all 6 types of mana. Originally a prestigious clan producing excellent mages, whoever sheds his blood is also a powerful person in the kingdom. It has been seen that Roswar has been planning something since his first appearance, but it was done with a purpose in mind. To do this, you can choose any means and dare to put Emilia in trouble so that Subaru gets hurt. In the loop world, he kills Ram and Garfir, who are yearning for themselves, in front of Subaru. This is 10th place, including a high level of ability and fear of not knowing what to do.

9th place: Hector (Warlock of Melancholy)

First Appearance: Original Chapter 4 Camp: Hector, the witch of deadly sins, is known to posterity for her existence as the bearer of “melancholy”, one of the eight deadly sins, which became the prototype of the seven deadly sins. who doesn’t. Dressed as a clown or possessed by Echidna, he has something in common with Roswar. Hector once fought in the first Roswar. During this time, Hector crushes Roswar, who at the time was at the highest level of magic, with a mysterious force similar to invisible gravity, inflicting mortal injury. In combat, he played with Roswar’s body like a stone, and the magic that Roswar did was very light. His abilities are said to be equal to or better than Echidna’s, but he is still in that position because he is a man with many secrets.

8th place: Emilia

First appearance: Chapter 1 of the original story, episode 1 of the anime Camp: Emilia’s Camp The heroine Emilia regains her traumatic past memories through the ordeals of the sanctuary described in Chapter 4. At the time of her appearance, she was a spiritualist, made contracts with spirits, and used four types of magic. However, it is clear from past memories that she can use magic without making a contract with a spirit. Since then, he has become a spiritualist and a magician. She also unknowingly limited her mana usage due to the trauma that caused her magical escape in the past. After awakening, you will be able to make the most of your mana by turning to face the past. It became possible to use the powerful magic power that she possesses. In the battle with Regulus Cornius, the sin of greed in chapter 5 after awakening, she fought Subaru and played an active role.

7th place: Regulus Corneas

First Appearance: Original Chapter 3, Anime, Episode 26. Camp: Witch Bishop of Deadly Sins Regulus Corneas is the Bishop of Deadly Sins who controls the greed of the witch religion. He possesses the “heart of a lion”, an invincible weapon that stops his time and makes him invincible, or stops his time and defies any physical laws. When he first appeared, he instantly ripped off Kursh’s arms, who collided with him with that power. There is a downside that your heart will stop when using this power, but it can be covered by another “little king” power. According to the author, his strength is considered the strongest class in the job. However, the reason he is in 7th place is because his combat ability and wisdom are low and he is defeated by Subaru’s plan and Reinhardt’s power.

6th place: Puck

First appearance: chapter 1, anime episode 1. Camp: Emilia’s camp set is a great spirit that has a contract with Emilia and is one of the four main spirits. His identity is a former human turned artificial spirit Echidna and it is revealed that the memory of the past is sealed by some kind of contract. In addition, the cute cat figure is a temporary figure, while the original figure is a giant beast called the “end beast”. When Emilia dies, she becomes a beast and freezes the world, saying that her dead world is meaningless. The length of the body when it becomes this figure is about 20 meters. He forcibly harvests massive amounts of mana from the environment and has the ability to slowly freeze and destroy the world just by being there.

5th place: Ram

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Episode 4 Anime Camp: Emilia’s Camp Rem’s twin sister, Ram, was originally considered a prodigy among the demon blood family and was a promising being. It is said that at that time, Ram had the power to blow away the entire area with wind magic. Although her strength has dropped significantly due to the loss of her horns, he can use wind magic and participates in battles, making full use of the Clairvoyance clan ability, which only she can use. If the horns remained, she must have been proud of her superior strength during the production.

4th place: Reid Astrea

First Appearance: Original Chapter 5 Camp: Sanei First Sword Saint Raid Astrea, who already died in the time axis in the Masterpiece, is Reinhardt’s ancestor. One of the “Sled-Ketsu” who is said to have sealed the jealous witch Satella and appears as a test tube for the Pleiades Watchtower in Chapter 5. The best knight Julius’ attack was also easily forgiven, and in the blink of an eye, he and Anastasia were forced into battle . Moreover, the weapons used at that time were just chopsticks. It also shows how well he has acquired a high level of swordsmanship. His power is so strong that Echidna can single-handedly defeat white whales and rabbits. Chapter 6 showed the extraordinary power of Roy’s food, the Bishop of Deadly Sins in charge of food.

3rd place: Satella

First Appearance: Chapter 1, Anime Episode 1 Camp: Seven Great Witches Jealousy The witch Satella is said to have destroyed the world 400 years ago and is hated by humans. During this time, Sanei-Ketsu joined forces to oppose her, but was not destroyed. There is a tradition that it has since been sealed. It was this Satella who swallowed the other six of the Seven Great Witches. For some reason, she is unusually possessed by Subaru and gave him the power to “return to death”. When Subaru tries to show the others that he is “returning to death”, Subaru or his opponent’s heart is crushed because Satella wants to keep a shared secret with Subaru. There are still many mysteries about her, and her strength has not been clarified. However, it is expected to have significant power, which is why it finished in 3rd place.

2nd place: Volcanica

First Appearance: Original Chapter 6 Camp: Sanei-Ketsu Volcanica is a human-speaking dragon god. 400 years ago, he signed a contract with the royal family of the Lugnica Kingdom, who is called the “Last Lion King”, and gave the royal family a dragon-related treasure and gave protection to the kingdom. He is said to have worked with Reid Shaula as one of the Sani-Ketsu to seal away the jealous witch Satella. It is said that it was Vulcanica who sealed Echidna’s soul in the graveyard, but the truth is unknown. From this situation it is clear that he is beyond human knowledge.

1st place: Reinhard van Astrea

First Appearance: Original Chapter 1, Anime Episode 2 Camp: Felt Camp Reinhard van Astrea, the current sword saint, is the strongest sword saint of all time, said to surpass even the first generation. The ability, which the author also describes as the strongest at work, is precisely the cheat class. He has the “Holy Sword Blessing” as a holy sword, but he can get all the other blessings he wants and use all kinds of blessings and the magic that comes from them. He is special because if he takes it seriously, all the mana in the atmosphere will flood him. There aren’t many depictions of him taking it seriously, but he can even defeat a beast pack capable of destroying the world. Reinhardt, whose character is just like a hero, and whose author is also the strongest, is a character suitable for the first place.