7 Reasons why Marin Kitagawa is the best anime girl 2022

The anime My Dress-Up Darling attracted a lot of attention thanks to the main character Marin Kitagawa. Let’s figure out together why she is so popular.

My Dress-Up Darling started not so long ago, but you have probably seen a charming blonde with big pink eyes more than once in collections, on TikTok and wherever your feed is updated for current trends. It seems that Marin Kitagawa has really captured the hearts of many anime fans, but what’s so special about her?

Well, of course, you won’t find any incredible secrets here, but after reading the review of the main character (I remind you that ongoing is still in progress), you may also want to join watching another cutest, and most importantly, quite vital, school history.

1. She has the character of a real girl

Marin may seem to you like a typical high school beauty, with the passions of manipulation and constantly elevated levels of anxiety about losing her popularity raging inside. However, pretty soon you will see that this is not the case at all. Sometimes beautiful girls do not sleep and dream about the love of their classmates. They really just want to cosplay video games.

Luckily, the character, by the will of fate, is eyeing another main character named Wakana, who just knows how to sew and can help her make her cosplay dreams come true. Marin does not hide her interest, sincerely talks about her hobbies and is not embarrassed by every look at her.

2. Marin is not afraid to be disliked by others

We have already found out that although Marin is popular, it is not so important for her. Of course, here the obvious fact comes out that she doesn’t care, just, probably, because beautiful girls usually like the majority. It is no longer possible to find out whether her character would have been the same if she had a more average appearance, and yet, let’s try to abstract ourselves from this gift of fate.

Early in the story, Marin shares a life wisdom with Wakana that we all should embrace: Speak up if you have something to say and don’t keep it to yourself. Often we endure and believe that once or twice you can help someone. So, Marin reminds the hero, and all of us, that this is not good.

3. She is convinced that any hobbies are not ashamed

The main plot rests on the fact that Wakana dreams of continuing the family business and creating beautiful traditional Japanese dolls since childhood. Unfortunately, even as a child, he was injured when his girlfriend told him that this is not a man’s business, and indeed, only girls play with dolls.
Marin became the first person in his life who not only did not condemn his hobby, she sincerely admired his skill and confidently supported his dream.

4. She has her own interests and goals, except to win the love of a guy

Of course, from the very beginning it is clear that the main characters are made for each other. And yet, Marin became interested in him at first precisely because he could help her realize her dream – to cosplay her favorite heroine.

You know, of course, all heroes have their own main goal and main motivation. And yet, it’s nice to see how a typical anime beauty is not worried about the amount of public attention in her direction, but about her own desires and feelings, but without jumps and jokes, after which you sit at the screen with a dumb question: “What am I what did you see?”

5. She is not afraid to take the initiative

Recently, in plots, healthy manifestations of initiative without caricature complexes have become very rare, and that is why sincere interest and banal voicing of one’s desires aloud from the lips of Marin seem to be something unusual (although, of course, they are not).

Let’s be honest, how many of us would be at the guy’s house first? And no, this is not a guide to action, but just a good reminder to all of us, in the club of those who are insecure and always driven for any reason, that sometimes our complexes are born literally from scratch.

6. She’s just a pretty girl with a great figure

Let’s be honest, Marin would hardly have taken off in trends if she weren’t such a beauty. And yet, this is also a plus for the authors that they were able to come up with and attract an audience to their project, including thanks to their drawing, which is not the last thing in anime.
And in the anime there is really a wide variety of waifu for all the preferences and fetishes of the fans. So, if you don’t like classic cuties, then you have a bunch of other options. Marin is certainly an attractive heroine, proof of which is her growing popularity and a bunch of ongoing controversy around her.

7. Marin teaches that sincerity is the key to success

A beautiful schoolgirl with TikTok edits and curves and piercings may seem silly to you, but in fact, she does and says what she wants, and this is important. It is her sincerity in relations with others and with the main character that allows us not only to evaluate her from the outside, but also to react with her to all the events of the title. Do you know why?

Because, most likely, you will feel exactly the same as she does. Together with Marin, you will admire Wakana’s dream of becoming a Japanese doll maker; cry when you realize how hard he tried to have time to finish the work on time, which in fact was not; and also, you will laugh with her at the awkwardness of the development of their relationship, which is almost exactly the same as what you had or will have. Well, are you ready to start watching My Dress-Up Darling and see everything with your own eyes?