Which zodiac sign are you from anime Jujutsu Kaisen?

Jujutsu Kaisen is good not only for its dynamic and intricate plot, but also, of course, for its characters. It’s impossible to watch this anime and not pick at least one favorite. It doesn’t really matter who you love more, villains or heroes – here you will definitely find someone to your liking.

Each character in one way or another in their versatility shows some kind of distinctive quality. Based on this, we have selected the most suitable zodiac sign for each hero. Better find yours!

Aries – Aoi Todo ♈️

Todo Aoi is not an easy person for those around him. As an Aries, he has a hot temper and judges people by his own “code of honor”. He can be called stubborn, but he is far from devoid of critical thinking and deep views on life.

It’s just rare for people around you to get to the stage of their relationship with Todo that he reveals his more serious side to them. However, if you have earned the respect of this person, then be sure that he will come to your aid in any situation.

Taurus – Miwa Kasumi ♉️

Miwa is a very diligent girl who has worked hard and hard for the high position she is in. In her battle with the Tokyo High School, she shows her Taurus nature by carefully calculating her abilities and analyzing the abilities of the enemy, and never rushes into battle with a hot head. She is kind and slightly naive, which gives people an extra chance to play pranks on her. However, she has a big heart and cares even for those who caused her trouble.

Gemini – Geto Suguru ♊️

There is probably no character more ambivalent than Geto Suguru. It is as if two different personalities live in him, which is hinted at by his zodiac sign Gemini. One of them is bright and kind, always ready to help. The second is cold and closed, striving only to achieve its own goals.

However, even as a villain, Geto still had warm feelings for Gojo despite the fact that they were on opposite sides of the barricades. That speaks of him as a dedicated person, right?

Cancer – Zenin Mai ♋️

Mai Zenin is Maki Zenin’s sister, but their personalities are not very similar to each other. Mai doesn’t have the sense of purpose that her sister has. She felt abandoned and unwanted in the clan after the departure of Maki, and therefore her emotional connection with Cancers turned into rudeness and cruelty.

Mai feels comfortable hiding behind a wall out of anger, but at the same time, everything inside remains a vulnerable girl with a fine mental organization. No matter how rude things she says to people, inside Mai is brave and courageous, able to sacrifice herself for the sake of others.

Leo – Kugisaki Nobara ♌️

Kugisaki Nobaru is impossible to miss in the crowd. She is bright and noisy, never doubts herself and goes forward in spite of any obstacles. Nobara will not let anyone speak badly of herself or doubt her abilities. With the Lions, she is largely connected by a love of beauty and luxury: Nobara will never miss the opportunity to go shopping.

Another of her “lion’s” features can be considered that she evaluates people in terms of their usefulness. For this reason, Nobara seems aloof, as few people are simply worthy of her attention.

Virgo – Nanami Kento ♍️

The only responsible adult in all of history can’t be anyone other than Virgo. Nanami Kento feels responsible for the younger generation and will always take the lead in a difficult situation.

He has a calm and reserved personality, which actually helps him a lot to cope with a lot of eccentric people around him. Although Nanami sometimes seems a little indifferent, inside he definitely empathizes with everyone who is in trouble.

Libra – Megumi Fushiguro ♎️

Fushiguro Megumi is the true owner of a noble soul. He is ready to save a good person from trouble, to protect someone who cannot protect himself, and at the same time he does not have sympathy for criminals and murderers.

Usually calm and reserved, Megumi sometimes releases her wild side, who enjoys the excitement of battle. Like Libra, he often doubts his own decisions and moral values, but with all his zeal he is ready to fight for what he believes in.

Scorpio – Mahito ♏️

Every zodiac sign has a dark side, and Mahito is the reflection of the dark side of Scorpios. He was born from the hatred of people for each other, therefore, without hesitation, he transforms the souls of people. All those horrors and sufferings that he brings into the world, Mahito considers just funny (horror).

Mahito also shows a tendency for Scorpios to manipulate – in general, he has practically no positive qualities. Nevertheless, there is a bit of truth in his perverted understanding of the world, because Mahito owes his appearance to humanity.

Sagittarius – Gojo Satoru ♐️

Satoru has not only a brilliant appearance, but also a unique character. Although many who come into contact with him would describe him more as “annoying”. Gojo’s friendliness and gaiety are somewhat obsessive and close to childish.

It is difficult for Gojo to remain serious, because he is the strongest magician, and many of the difficulties and experiences of ordinary people are incomprehensible to him. However, as a Sagittarius, he will seriously defend someone’s encroachment on his freedom and the happiness of his loved ones, and will also become a hope in even a seemingly hopeless situation.

Capricorn – Zenin Maki ♑️

Maki has the stamina and determination of a Capricorn. She has no magical power, but she challenges herself and the head of her clan, deciding to become a mage. If this girl has set a goal for herself, then she will definitely achieve it! Now there is no better martial artist in the Tokyo School than she is.

Maki’s character is straightforward, bordering on rudeness, which leaves a not very pleasant impression of her. However, often behind her harsh words is a sincere desire to help become stronger.

Aquarius – Yuji Itadori ♒️

Yuuji is one of the most happy guys you can meet in Jujutsu Kaisen. He is endowed with boundless optimism and energy, can find an approach to absolutely any person and is the soul of the company. As Aquarius, he is characterized by the desire to help everyone and everyone, for which he often forgets to take care of himself.

In difficult situations, Yuuji will not be able to turn to relatives for help, but will withdraw into himself and will experience everything on his own. He doesn’t want people to worry about him again. But in vain.

Pisces – Inumaki Toge ♓️

As a Pisces, Inumaki has been able to adapt to a very difficult ability that severely limits his ability to communicate. It is difficult for others to understand Inumaki because of his speech (more precisely, its lack), but once you adapt to it, you will definitely see him as a caring friend and a perceptive person. In a critical situation, he never panics, but immediately begins to act, relying on the famous “fish” intuition and penetrating mind.

In general, in order to see yourself in any character, you don’t need any special lists of character traits or zodiac signs, right? It is enough just to be imbued with his story and carefully follow the pet in the course of the plot.