Accelerator: biography, abilities (A Certain Scientific Accelerator)

Accelerator is the second protagonist of the anime, and the main protagonist of the anime and manga A Certain Scientific Accelerator. He first appears as an antagonist not only in the main series, but also in the manga and anime A Certain Scientific Railgun, and he also takes on a brief but important role in the film The Miracle of Endymion.


Accelerator: biography, abilities (A Certain Scientific Accelerator)

Accelerator is the strongest level 5 esper in Academy City, Accelerator’s abilities are called vector control. Vector control is a form of telekinesis. It allows Accelerator to change the vector of anything that comes into contact with his skin, such as deflecting attacks back at an enemy or feigning super-physical strength (although he himself is physically weak). Also, vector control is able to change the direction of blood flow, which leads to the death of the enemy.

Accelerator’s ability is vector control. She is automatic. This means that he must subconsciously allow gravity to act on him. To use his power, he needs to make calculations and calculations in real time. After being wounded, he practically lost the ability to use his strength, which is why he is forced to wear a computing device around his neck, connected to his brain and connecting it to the network of “sisters”. Can redirect vectors of any kind, no matter how strong they are. Therefore, it is enough for him to stamp his foot to simulate an asphalt wave or an earthquake, to radiate strong vibrations of air and sound to form a plasma.

Character appearance

Accelerator: biography, abilities (A Certain Scientific Accelerator)

Accelerator has the appearance of a skinny teenager with pale skin, white hair, and red eyes. This is due to its ability to block UV rays, which inhibits the production of melanin in his body. His ability also reduces external influences to the point where it causes his hormones to become out of balance, giving him what he calls an “androgynous appearance”, though there is some evidence that he is a boy.


Accelerator: biography, abilities (A Certain Scientific Accelerator)

The real name is unknown, but in the first season it is mentioned that the name consisted of three characters, and the surname consisted of two. Looks and acts like a complete sadist, but in fact, the same victim of experiments as many of the Academy City. He was often hated and despised by those around him for his terrible power, allowing him to control everything he touches. He was brought to Academy City at an early age when his powers first manifested, but due to a lack of understanding of his powers, people feared him and in some cases tried to kill him. Accelerator became withdrawn and selfish. He stopped understanding people, with the exception of Yoshikawa Kikyo, the only scientist who took care of him and saved his life. Yoshikawa herself dreamed of becoming a teacher and taking care of children.

Accelerator was once involved in a secret experiment to level up an esper to level 6. Since there are only seven level 5 espers in Academy City, the scientists formed a special “level up” program. During this experiment, Accelerator needed to kill 20,000 clones, level 3 espers, clones of Misaki Mikoto, called “Sisters”. However, Zero Kamijou Touma, who possessed the mysterious “Illusion Breaker”, interfered with the experiment, causing the experiment itself to fail, the surviving “sisters” to be saved, and Accelerator to be defeated.

Soon, due to the loss, attacks on him became more frequent, which he calmly repelled. On August 31, after these attacks, he met the last clone of Misaki, who bears the serial number 20001 and the code name “Last Order” or “Last Order”. She was the main control center for the rest of the existing clones and was, unlike them, short in stature, had a more lively character, and she also constantly spoke of herself in the third person, adding “Misaka-Misaka said” at the end. She began to hit on Accelerator, referring to and claiming that he was not a “bad guy” and tried to contact each of the clones prior to the duel. As a result, Accelerator was involved in an assassination attempt on Last Order to infect the sisters’ control network, after which he saved Last Order from the traitor scientist Ao Amai, but was seriously injured in his head and damaged his frontal lobes, because of which lost the ability to calculate, motor skills and speech. He was able to recover, but is now forced to carry a mini-computer around his neck. Which is connected to his brain and links him to the Misak network, causing his vector control ability to be limited to 15 (30 in Season 3) minutes of use before the battery runs out. For some time he could not walk without a cane.

Last Order was able to help him rethink existence, and soon Accelerator made the decision to never kill the Sisters again. She is the dearest person to him, whom he wants to protect, believing that she has not done anything yet to deserve death. But despite this, he does not consider himself a “good-natured person” and does not want to become one at all, perhaps due to the fact that he himself is not sure whether he deserves this status and whether he is capable of doing good at all, calls himself a “villain”.