9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

AniYuki has collected 9 anime for you that can captivate even the most distant boy from Japanese animation.

Golgo 13

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Tense men in formal suits, business meetings, briefcases with currency flashing in luxury cars. What’s this? Brokerage everyday life against the backdrop of another stock market crash? Working day of a top manager of a state-owned company?

No, this is a Japanese answer to the Bond movie, where instead of a secret service agent, a killer enters the scene with a pseudonym referring to Golgotha.

Unlike the British counterpart with its lean scenes of violence, the Japanese are not afraid to show the gory details of the life of hired killers. The victims that are under the gun of the hero are diverse; perhaps even excessive. By the way, his main goals are not only all kinds of leaders, but also special agents.


9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Imagine for a second: you had, to put it mildly, a bad day – you died. However, I apologize for the haste, let’s start from the beginning. You have a wonderful friend, and with him you are trying to figure out how you can make a living.

The main characters have a criminal plan.

Even death for the sensational bandit is only the beginning, and the main character has to go his way again, in the afterlife, solving questions of revenge and his own legacy, while carrying his coffin behind his back. Visually, the anime has a lot of overlap with the acclaimed Hellsing.

Hokuto no Ken

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Before us is “Mad Max” for fans of Asian cuisine, where the main character is the heir to a unique style of fisticuffs, whose adherents cut opponents into small pieces. The easiest way to describe the protagonist is as Bruce Lee, who went to the same gym with Schwarzenegger and took Mortal Kombat as a philosophical doctrine.

“Fist of the North Star” will appeal to fans of the post-apocalypse. And, although the plot is based on the classic tale of a noble knight, the universe of the picture is harsh and damn cruel. The everyday life of the hero is busy beating individual bastards and fighting gangs of robber usurpers. So our screens will be regularly and colorfully sprinkled with blood.

Baki the Grappler

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

If we talk about fisticuffs, then this anime can rightly be called the best to date. The author tries to get out of the boring hanging of bream and studies the fights themselves as an art, subtly understanding schools and techniques. Even the visual here is aimed at conveying fighting philosophy, and not colorfulness, which, however, does not detract from the latter. It is noteworthy that the philosophical basis of “Fighter Baki” was the Bushido code, which mangaka often refers to to reinforce certain judgments about fighters.

The main character of the anime is a powerful muscular man who pursues a holy goal: to defeat his father. However, the series will entertain the viewer not only with this: to convey various ethical beliefs and fighting styles, we are shown its famous representatives, or allusions to them. So in the ring you can see Mohammed Ali, the sumo deity Nomi no Sukune and the famous samurai Miyamoto Musashi.

Riding Bean

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Remember Drive with Gosling? Or that movie with Stethem, where he drove around in a Peugeot 307 and saved a girl from a motley mafia? So, the Japanese made an anime about this back in the bearded eighties, powdering everything with absurdity and trademark madness, which the same nameless Gosling clearly lacks.

The hero transports smuggling, receiving large sums and periodically encountering ethical issues. Suffice it to say that sometimes little girls are the target of crime boss exports. Moral conflict leads the protagonist to inner growth. However, this is not the most important thing. You do not have to delve into the complex world of the picture – everything is like two fingers here – which means that this is an ideal choice for those who want to comfortably spread out on the sofa and postpone the solution of universal problems for an hour or two.

Black Clover

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Rumor has it that if certain rules are observed, by the age of thirty one can master magical abilities. However, in the world of this anime, for the majority, magic manifests itself regardless of the monastic lifestyle, in contrast to the protagonist, who has to practice the cult of a rocking chair in order to be filled and acquire the qualities of a superhuman. However, life does not become especially easier because of this, and the character’s path is still thorny and difficult. To overcome vicious female attention, he is going to join the local knightly order. So he hopes to rein in the demonic forces and become the Witch-king.

Mad Bull 34

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

Raging Bull 34 is about minimal seriousness, maximal crime-fighting gear in New York’s most dangerous neighborhood. The heroes are police officers, and their everyday life is harsh: constant shootings, chases and fuss with reporting for each shot. However, the latter is very conditional: a couple of cops can replace a special forces unit, smearing gangs in an even layer on the asphalt. And while the protagonist is chewing on the snot of a work ethic, his partner manages to catch beauties, tearing down the faces of the mafia and carrying smuggling.

Afro Samurai

9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

The main character is half samurai and half typical Wu-Tang Clan track hero (in fact, RZA wrote the music for this anime). The basis of the plot and the goal of the whole life of Afrosamurai is simple, like a chopping blow with a katana – to defend the bandage of superiority from the murderer of his father. However, the ramifications of the story make it deep, strange, and even metaphysical. The world of Afro Samurai is aesthetically perfect in its post-apocalyptic noir. Here, even a beloved woman can be a traitor.


9 Best Anime for Adult Guys

The main character, as usual with the Japanese, made a name for himself in the local mafia, leaving it beautifully at the peak, having previously cleared the streets of his native city from annoying competitors. At the time of the first series, he runs the household and put the responsibility for the extraction of the metaphorical mammoth on his wife. It would seem that buy an air grill, make a couple of drinking companions and quietly switch to communication in Viber.

But the streets keep the imprint of our protagonist’s career achievements, every now and then striving to put a gun to his head while he knocks out a discount in a store near the house. And scarface doesn’t fit into the area’s housewife club either. And the aphorisms of the times of his past life constantly flying out of the hero’s lips are expected to cause alarm in everyone around him.