Should I watch Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures?

The anime became an adaptation of the manga under the direction of Hirohiko Araki back in 1986, it came out in 2012 and has become very popular lately, but why did jojo deserve such love?

Opening is the face of anime. Anime is a handsome man with such a face and for a reason. For the first season, we could see 2 openings, but which ones. They are cool, dynamic, with an incredible heroic sound. Each time I watched without stopping and without rewinding, and the legendary Sono chi no sadame stuck deep into the soul of all viewers. I am one of them.

Should I watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventures?

The drawing is beautiful. Visual: The graphics are very specific and stylized for old 80x anime, I think many will not like it. At first, I was intimidated by small eyes and oval faces. Yes, I said small eyes, compare with other anime. It is bright, colorful even in dark places. Lightning effects, auras and backdrops are not flashy and fit well. A little cheap animation, but the budget is not bottomless and this can be forgiven.

The plot here tells about the descendants of the Joestar family. The characters are not immortal, and the main character changes to a new one from his generation. This is good and makes you worry about the character, feel his pain.

Should I watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventures?

Characters, and especially villains, have logical motives and backgrounds. They will not sow evil because the hero needs someone to fight. Protagonists have their own unique characters, gadgets and skills. The second plan is charismatic and will help the characters by all means. Memes – their merit!

The fights are dynamic, exciting and well built. How to defeat the ancient immortal vampire? You do not know ? Cunning and intelligence. It is possible to attach grenades to his cloak while he is making a speech or use melee weapons. This is not typical for the shonen genre, and therefore people praise JoJo and for good reason. The fights are short (up to 1-2 episodes) and you never know for sure what will happen to the hero.

Music is divine. Rock and Dubstep to show the battle and the coolness of the characters, or classic to reveal their characters, experiences, thoughts. All at the highest level.

Should I watch Jojo's Bizarre Adventures?

Conclusion: if you are fans of action, friendship, fights and the whole shounen genre, then this anime is completely for you. You won’t regret it!
Let’s just say “anime for ardent connoisseurs” a simple person who just likes anime a little will not be so easy to master, a peculiar drawing of characters, the plot may not appeal to many, as there are many absurd moments, but as they say, you need to watch and only then you will know the whole the beauty of this anime.
Just try not to catch a spoiler, otherwise you will spoil the impression.