5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

Based on the manga of the same name, this family comedy about a spy, an assassin and a telepathic child is one of the best Japanese animations to come out in recent times.

Below I have collected 5 reasons to watch the Spy x Family anime.

Family values

5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

I’m not a big fan of family comedies, but this anime has definitely become my favorite in this genre. In modern series, it is difficult to construct a plot in which the default is not the death of a close relative.

Seriously, remember at least “Attack on Titan”, where in general the plot begins with this. I understand that everyone loves drama, but it is not at all necessary to kill the relatives of the protagonist in order for his story and experiences to be interesting. Just the script and characters should be good and self-sufficient.

Spy x Family is a good example of the right plot structure and the dynamics of relationships between characters. The moment of “otherness” in the anime is decisive: the whole family is not real, fictitious, but it works and makes it almost perfect. For some reason, I am reminded of the relationship of the characters in The Addams Family, whose strangeness and gloominess makes them more attractive than “normal” families.

Spy Loid Forger, like the real head of the family, supports and strengthens her, protects her from failures. Yor, a deadly killer, broadcasts violent energy into a positive channel, standing up for those she loves as a wall. Anya, being a telepath, feels her “parents” on an intuitive level, reconciles their dissimilarity and turns it into the main advantage.

Beautifully written characters

5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

In anime, there is not a single hero who would somehow not be remembered or not liked. And this despite the fact that in the “Spy x Family” there are not so many characters. The anime (and manga) is betting not on the wagon and cart of new heroes, which you can stupidly not have time to work out, but on the relationships and adventures of Loid Forger, Yor and Anya. Because of this, it is impossible for the viewer to get bored, because in each episode the family is revealed from a new perspective. They are lively, bright personalities, for whom you sincerely worry, as if you live with them on the same street.

The same can be said about the secondary characters. Whether it’s a professor from an elite school or an informant-seller in a stall – each anime character has its place and helps the plot move forward. Elegant work!

Good plot without interference

5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

I have already said how important the story and a solid, well-thought-out plot is. However, it does not have to have a sad backstory. Yes, we understand that Yor and Loid Forger childhood was hardly cloudless, but it is not the only factor influencing their behavior and personalities. The authors of anime and manga focus on the present rather than the past of the characters.

Therefore, the “Spy x Family” looks easy and exciting. We missed stories that work on their own, characters that develop without looking back to the past every 2 minutes of screen time. And yes, we are really interested in what will happen next, to speculate on the future – after all, the characters of the story do the same.

Humor at the highest level

5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

This anime is insanely funny. Yes, it’s strange to say this about the story of a spy and a dangerous assassin, but it’s true.
Now there will be a few spoilers, but not fatal ones: in one of the episodes, Yor stops the raging pets, using the skills obtained on the “work”. The way the girl tries not to give out her secret and explain what happened to Loid Forger is a masterpiece. I missed that kind of humor, really. Or an excuse about the wedding to his brother.

Another cool scene is the “rescue” of baby Anya in the amusement park. Loid Forger uses all the resources of the spy organization to encourage his daughter to enroll in a cool private school. The animation, the actions of the characters and the very process of Loid Forger “mission” are performed at the highest level, they entertain and do not allow attention to be distracted.

These are just some of the moments of the anime that have provided it with a huge fan base.

Anya, Anya and again Anya

5 Reasons to watch the anime Spy x Family

I don’t know how it works, but Anya is incredible. I just want my daughter to be just a little bit like her. This child is the main link between Yor and Loid Forger, a little telepath who is well aware of the real “professions” of his parents, but at the same time manages not to give out his own peculiarity.

Anya dreams that their family will stay together even after Loid Forger mission, and does everything for this. She herself was brought up in an orphanage and a number of other foster families, but it was the spy and the killer who, as it happened, became ideal parents for her. How sweet Anya keeps the family. I don’t know how you can be so wonderful. Great character.